Artificial Stone of Nano Cement Plast | Machinery - equipment Mosaic & Facade artificial stone production line of nano-cement Plast | Artificial Stone Manufacturing Line Similar to Corinne - Solid Surface & Cultured Marble | Building Tile Adhesive Produce Line | Formula Of Diffrent Technology Of Building

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Hunam Artificial Stone Co | Bagheri Machinery Company

The Pardazeshgaran Hunam Caspian company with the registration number 5641 (Hunam Artificial Stone), National ID 14005273713 with the aim of providing services, equipment, industrial food- building machinery, equipment for the concrete batching, mixer- slabosing machines,curb, colored concrete manufacturing machine, mosaic (polymeric mosaic) vibrating, industrial supplies building industry, artificial stone production line Marble bath sink, bathtub sink to Corean-Quartz, artificial stone Solid Surface sink, stone cabinets Cultured Marble & Granite , Quartz production line, manufacturing equipment-specialized machine of artificial stone production line, artificial stone production line of nano-cement plast , artificial stone nano-cement plast production line manually non-up-gradeable, artificial stone production line of nano-cement plast Manually Upgradable , artificial stone production Machine automation & Half-Automatic , artificial stone production line Cement-plast semi-automatic , automatic & full-automatic Machine , provide raw materials for polymerization, nano raw materials for controlling the process of manufacturing of synthetic stones of Concrete Façade & Floor tile , resin additive - lubricant concrete , synthetic rolled nano cement plast, resin manufacturing production of building glue & Adhesives , raw materials ceramic tile glue , concrete glue , painting resin and … anti-fog artificial stone for the  Produce façade & Mosaic of the building , artistic stone mosaic mold cement plast, sink mold- washbasin sink- cement Facade mould , provide chemical-polymeric, raw material specially stones- tile glue- building Additives , and in particular the technology of the specialized production formula in various fields of building, special formula training Course artificial stone cement plast- artificial stone Granite Marble , Training Of Know How building glue & Adhesives, engineering artificial stone Manufacture formula, resin-additive concrete formula, manufacturing of synthetic stones , mixers production of tile glue PEN, mixer ribbon glue , mixer artificial stone making nano engineering, mixer Cultured marble & Granite ( Solid Surface ) artificial stone , vibrating table artificial stone cement-Plast , vibrating table concrete (colored concrete vase mosaic)- vibrating table ENG artificial stone , vibrator Table counter-tops stone cabinets- Sink & Vanity Equipment , special vibrating table fixed , moving conveyor, screw conveyor material lifting, screw cement, grinding machine, grinder, extruder and others

Education formula of artificial stone nano cement plast With the launch workshop-antique facade stone-floor tile production line

Providing manufacturing technology And the production of artificial stone Includes Formula Build Material According to the results of the test of the raw materials, Weather conditions (Temperature, humidity and...)

The formula for producing all types of tiles And products with low thickness For installation in the flooring of the building -Installation in the roof of the building-Training Formula manufacture of a stone fence, desert fence

Waterfront and statue, Roman views, column, Stone stairs and under the stairs Nano

Building cornice, Decorative products for interior and exterior decoration

Lattice art façade stone And products with a new technique FRC - PFRC - EV PFRC - acrylic FRC

Benches and street furniture-Garden fence-stone vase, Simulation of natural stone(Marble, granite and travertine)

Artificial Stone Production Formula nano cement plast With normal density (2200 Kg/M3) , artificial stone semi-lightweight (1500-1700 Kg/m3)

light-weigh stone (density 1000-1200 Kg/m3), super light-weight with density 650-100 kg/m3

training manufacture unique products (artificial stone noise and Heat insulation), way of test different type of row materials matching standard for manufacture products, different methods and Technique for lamination of color in produce cement plast artificial stone for indor & outdor decoration design …

Duration Of Training Course in nano cement plast artificial stone technology, need 5 days for education theory

Training Of Different Type Building Adhesives, 25 Products Of Building glue With Manual Production Line (Adhesives Mixer)-Automation & Automatic Glue Production Line

Formulation Of Powder Adhesives In 2 Main Type With different Specifications & With Different Dosage, Different Formula Of Pasty Adhesives With Different Specifications And Dosage & Finishing Cost, Water Proof Powder & Pasty Adhesives, Formula Of concrete Glue Liquid & Pasty, Formula Of Different Primer, Formula Of Powder Colorful For Facade Building Water Proof, Colorful Filer, Anti Bacterial Filer, Filer Water proof, Adhesive powder supplements, two minor and few minor waterproof formulation, resin production formula Facade Protective Building- Resistant resin Under direct sunlight to form of Shiny, Semi gloss, Opaque, Tutorials How Make Grout Ready, Expandable Concrete Grout &…, Mastic Travertine Stone, Stone Glue & …

Duration Of Training Course: in Adhesives technology, need 3 days for education theory

Trainig Course Of Lubricant & Super-Plasticizer & concrete Additives & Chemical Building

Training Know How Formula Of Micro Silicate Gel, Nano Silicate Gel With Different Dosage, Formula Of Pasty Adhesives For Planting Round Bars In Vertical & Horizontal, Material Curing Of Concrete, Fast Dry Of Powder Glue For Elevator Hole & Concrete Pipe, Produce Additives For Artificial Stone, Formula Of Lubricant Concrete In Different Types And Different Specifications, Formula Of Concrete Additives, Fast Dry Concrete Lubricant, Delay Dry Lubricant Concrete, Anti freeze Of Concrete, Mold Oil, Liquid Additive Water Proof Concrete, Shotcreat Additives & …

Duration Of Training Course For Additives Concrete & Building technology, need 2 days for education theory

Training Course Of Engineered Artificial Stone| With Production Line

Know How Of Cultured marble & granite Artificial Stone with solid surface polymeric stone, who make of sink, vanity, counter tops, under shower stone, Consul Artificial Stone, wood coverage with artificial Eng Artificial Stone, decoration inside & outside products, partition Stone and panel, pebble design stone, quarts artificial stone technology and …

Duration Of Training Course For Eng Artificial Stone, Solid Surface & Cultured Marble And Granite, Pebble Design &…, need 3 days for education theory & 2 Days Practical

Learning the production method Integrated Polymer Base And cement base Artificial stone flooring Along with Seamlessly flooring production equipment

For interior and exterior decoration of buildings Sub-polishing capability In the form of marble and granite| Artificial stone production line With the ability to run on the project site Two different types

The duration of production training Integrated flooring artificial stone, Because of the difference in technology, Between four to five working days in theory And two to three days of production training is practical.

Formula Production Training Building color

Formula training for all kinds of building colors With different color With technical specifications and Variable cost.

Molding training artificial stone

Produce of mold training ABS-HP Comes with the presentation of the Vacuum Forming Machine, training Making mold E.n.g artificial stone Cabin sink manufacturing, Artificial Stone Mold Training, Make mold training to form of Soft-dry, Making ABS mold training, Mold Soft PVC, Mold Silicone & Polyurethane, Fiber-glass Mold, Araldit Mold

Training Of Produce Mold Is with Machine & Production Line Molding 


Selling polymer materials | Tile adhesive | Concrete additives

Selling raw materials of artificial stone production, Row Materials Adhesives, Concrete additives, Sink and stone cabinets| Winter polymer resin concrete marble artificial stone, Nano presentation Early Hardening artificial stone, Summer Lubricants Artificial Stone, Provides early hardening artificial stone, Selling add-ons & concrete lubricants , Anti-dandruff material Stone & concrete Combined capability With materials when making artificial stone, Selling raw materials of solid surface stone , Sale all types of tile adhesive

Sell building artificial stone | Brick façade | sink engineer stone

Selling different Types Artificial Stone Building Façade inside-outside, selling Light weight bricks & super lightweight bricks, Dutch bricks, Façade stone , Decorative stone, step Under the stairs stone, Flooring and mosaics, Decorative stones inside and outside the building , Stone fences, Roman view, selling dish washing sink - Artificial stone toilet sink similar engineered stone, stone mirror console, Artificial granite marble plates , cultured marble and granite stone For construction projects & services of Building products

Latest News

Launching of artificial stone production line | Hunam Artificial Stone

Machines and equipment for the production of artificial stone With a production capacity of 50-100 SQM per a shift Machinery and equipment for the production of artificial stone With a production capacity of 120-150 SQM Production of flooring and antique mosaics And a variety of artificial stone products per a shiftProduction line Machinery of...


Artificial stone production of nano-cement plast-laminating on artificial stone

HUNAM artificial stone Proceed to present Technology education And new production techniques And making all kinds of artificial stone (Training and transfer of new staining techniques) And artificial stone laminate with different methods For decorating inside and outside the building With very special colors For the beauty and value added of the...


sales equipment for production line, mixer - Artificial stone vibrating table

Special sales equipment for production line, mixer - Artificial stone vibrating table HUNAM artificial stone company take action Selling machines for artificial stone production line: Artificial Stone Mixer Types and Concrete, With production capacity of 250 KG & 300 KG, Mixer 400 and 450 kg , mixer 700 kg , 1500 kg of artificial stone …With...


Business start-up workshop mosaic-facade polymer artificial stone production line - Solid Surface - Quartz

HUNAM artificial stone: Investment Advice Setting Up Artificial Stone Production Line our target from providing advice in the field of launching the artificial stone production line to investor applicants In the artificial stone industry, Avoid losses due to the lack of proper recognition of the artificial stone product, avoid loss For Purchasing...


Design automatic twin production line artificial stone facade-polymer mosaic

Design automatic twin production line artificial stone facade-polymer mosaic An innovative twin automatic artificial stone production line design The reasons for creating an automatic production line for twin stones are as follows: -Production capacity is twice as high as the automatic production line -Reduce cost and the space required for silo...


Artificial Stone facade| Advantages Of Artificial Stone VS Natural Stone

Nano Cement plast  or Nano-polymerized cement is a type of artificial stone that can be manufactured  by shifting the molecular structure of cement and performing polymerization reactions and formation of strong chain net in cement . this reaction causes cement to be crystal shaped and formation of crystal net in it and at last the final product...

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