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PAN design mixer for producing all kinds of antique and decorative and facade brick stones, Production of flooring and decorative mosaic, table, stair stone and ...

Also for the production of various building adhesives, powdery tile adhesive, dough adhesive for tile and ceramic, filler powder, grout and ... with a production capacity of 700-800 KG, an artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer mixture with a normal density, equivalent to 1000 KG of ultra-light products, the ability to construction dough adhesive with a capacity of 1200 to 1300 KG and powdery adhesive up to 1700 kg,With a 20-HP electrical motor YILMAZ turkey and custom gearbox 210, with seven arm and centrifugal mixer, with 33mm arms and anti-wear blade,with a diameter of 180 cm and the height of the body of the mixer is 60 cm.1200 liters mixer manufactured by Plast Cement 1200kg Dough Tile Adhesive Mixer - 1500kg paste paste mixer | Plast Cement MixerMixer Stones Production - Artificial Stone Mixer Cement Plast - Pine Mixer Powder Adhesive - Mixer Tile Adhesive 1200 Liter 20 HorseFrom this mixer also can be used in manual production lines. 20-HP mixer 1200 liters, in automatic and semi-automatic production lines with the capacity of 430-450 square meters is used.

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