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Developed artificial stone (Artificial Stone Cultured Marble & Granite), from variety of minerals of about 50-80%, and acrylic polymers with specific characteristics of about 47-17% and Nano materials of about 3%, is formed, which has made it possible to produce and construct surfaces, for various uses, and unique features.

the polymer materials used in these products, in addition to preserving the resemblance to natural marble and granite, the final product is stronger than natural stones in terms of water resistance, strong detergent and acids, and in terms of flexural strength and compression strength. also, using this product, it is possible to design and manufacture, in various shapes, for interior decoration of the building.artificial cultured marble. Artificial marble. Corinne Granite. Open Stone Sinkartificial marble and granite similar to coreen, or cultured marble-granite and solid surface, are polymer and Nano integrated surfaces, which has various applications in the building industry, including designing and manufacturing of various counter top stones and kitchen cabinets, stones for use in bathrooms and toilets, including bathtubs and jacuzzi - washbasin sinks, stones under the shower, types of sinks, laboratory counter - health centers - hospitals and banks - stone stairs indoor decoration - types of wall coverings in the building - wall covering between the cabinets, and...

The materials in the structure of granite and marble plates are covered by an impervious polymer surface, and because of this, it is resistant to the penetration of a variety of fungi and bacteria, color spots, strong detergents, and acids ...

Due to the presence of Nano resins, in the molecular composition of the plates, they have the ability to hit, and have very high physical resistance. the surface of the plates is very robust and sturdy and have high endurance against impact, pressure, fracture and cracking. however, it is easy to repair and recover in the event of any damage to the operation and installation process of the product or the method of use.Crystal Stone Crystal Sink Cultured marble artificial stone Granite Countertop Stone CabinetsMarble - Granite Stone - Artificial Stone - Corean Stone - cultured marble artificial stoneLevels of Artificial marble plates similar to coreen of HUNAM company, is very glossy and polished and consumers are satisfied. HUANM marble manufacturers company, is proud to be entering the new phase of product development, gravestone (marble tombstone and artificial granite), which in solidity and beauty are mixed together. artificial tombstones, produced in ready form, can be installed. is available in two design.

Application of Artificial Stone Marble and Granite of HUNAM company:

Types of artificial stone cabinets

Types of artificial stone and public bathroom sink

Counter-top and table stone laboratory

Types of kitchen sinks

types of marble & granite cabinets stone

Types of artificial stone countertop

Types of office counters - banks - health centers and stores and...

And many other items
Artificial Stone Marble - Artificial Stone Granite - Stone Cabinets - Corinne - Corin Stone - Buy Polymer StoneStone sink - Corin sink - Sink sink - Wine sink - Artificial stoneSink Sale - Sink Corin Buy Sink Corin-Artificial SunglassesFeature of marble and artificial granite products similar to coreen:

Surface integrity is made in the stones, pelvis and corneas

Smooth surface with light reflection and variety of colors and effects

Completely antibacterial level and resistant

20 to 30% lighter and more resistant than natural stone

Artificial engineering stone water absorption coefficient less than 0.1%

Non-Sedimentation in artificial engineering stone

High resistance of artificial engineering stone, against acidic and alkali materials

Ability to wash artificial engineering stone, with any standard detergent

Possibility to produce integrated stone, up to 4 meters long and more

High resistance to artificial engineering stone, against impact and scratches and in the event of a problem, the ability to repair the product

Preserving transparency of artificial granite marble stones in long term

Stone resistance, against indirect heat, up to 240 degrees CelsiusCorean Stone Console / Artificial Stone ConsoleSink / Artificial Stone / Corin / Corean Artificial Stone Production Line / Granite Marble Production LineWashbasin / Sink / Corin Sink / Corin Sink Production Linedesigns of sink, available:

polymeric artificial stone sink cultured marble-granite and solid surface: selling sink in bulk and crumbly

WC stone sink - Artificial Stone Coreen Sink / sink saleSink / Artificial Stone Honam / Sink Double HipTwo-hip operation sink - Corin sink

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