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Mixer of artificial stone facade & polymeric mosaic with the ability to upgrade and use in automatic and semi-automatic systems:

PAN design centrifugal mixer of artificial stone facade & polymeric mosaic(Centrifugal and expandable mixer) with the ability to make all kinds of artificial stone facade & polymeric mosaic materials, the ability to make types of concrete and weight-light concrete, high mixing strength for the production of all types of dough and powder tile adhesives, concrete glue and ...Synthetic Stone Production Plate Cement Mixer with Production of Ductile and Powder Tile | Automatic mixing machine for producing synthetic stones for antique guillotine scissorsManufactured Synthetic Stone Mixer | 400kg mixer | Tile adhesive mixer | Antique Stone MixerThe electric engine used in this mixer is 15 horsepower and steel gearbox 185, special 40 mm centrifugal arms with adjustable arm height, with 5 number of abrasion resistant blades, the thickness of the plate sheet of the up-gradable second-type mixer 15 mm and the wall thickness of the second-type up-gradable artificial stone mixer is 8 mm, the mixer has a manual exit part from below, the portability of the machine is fixed by two fixed industrial wheels and 3 movable, the final mixing strength of the mixer for the production of a mixture and composition of materials with a weight of 450 kg with a normal density, the capacity for mixing materials with a super-light mass of 600 to 700 kg of normal density, the capacity to make a 700 kg dough tile adhesive and 800 to 900 kg powder tile adhesive, concrete production capacity up to 500 kg, with miniature key

Automatic Artificial Line Production Line / Amalgamators Artificial Stone Production Mixer Crusher Cement Plast-Mixer Batching Concrete Mixer Making Ingredients Anti-Nano Cement PlastThe advantages of this mixer include the ability to set up decorative artificial stone workshop with a suitable capacity, the ability to upgrade the mixer and the possibility of using a mixer in the automatic and semi-automatic production line of artificial stone.

Artificial stone production of nano-cement mixer antique plastic | Floor mixer | Light concrete mixer | Dough Tile Adhesive Mixer Mixer tile adhesive powderArtificial Stone Cement Plast Mixer | Mixer with vent valve | Artificial Anti-Crystal Cement Mixer | Tile adhesive production mixerBy inserting side accessories, pneumatic Jack, fittings and valves, artificial stone material detection sensor, can be used in the automatic and semi-automatic production line.

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