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Hunam Artificial Stone Co | Bagheri Machinery Company

The Pardazeshgaran Hunam Caspian company with the registration number 5641 (Hunam Artificial Stone), National ID 14005273713 with the aim of providing services, equipment, industrial food- building machinery, equipment for the concrete batching, mixer- slabosing machines,curb, colored concrete manufacturing machine, mosaic (polymeric mosaic) vibrating, industrial supplies building industry, artificial stone production line Marble bath sink, bathtub sink to Corean-Quartz, artificial stone Solid Surface sink, stone cabinets Cultured Marble & Granite , Quartz production line, manufacturing equipment-specialized machine of artificial stone production line, artificial stone production line of nano-cement plast , artificial stone nano-cement plast production line manually non-up-gradeable, artificial stone production line of nano-cement plast Manually Upgradable , artificial stone production Machine automation & Half-Automatic , artificial stone production line Cement-plast semi-automatic , automatic & full-automatic Machine , provide raw materials for polymerization, nano raw materials for controlling the process of manufacturing of synthetic stones of Concrete Façade & Floor tile , resin additive - lubricant concrete , synthetic rolled nano cement plast, resin manufacturing production of building glue & Adhesives , raw materials ceramic tile glue , concrete glue , painting resin and … anti-fog artificial stone for the  Produce façade & Mosaic of the building , artistic stone mosaic mold cement plast, sink mold- washbasin sink- cement Facade mould , provide chemical-polymeric, raw material specially stones- tile glue- building Additives , and in particular the technology of the specialized production formula in various fields of building, special formula training Course artificial stone cement plast- artificial stone Granite Marble , Training Of Know How building glue & Adhesives, engineering artificial stone Manufacture formula, resin-additive concrete formula, manufacturing of synthetic stones , mixers production of tile glue PEN, mixer ribbon glue , mixer artificial stone making nano engineering, mixer Cultured marble & Granite ( Solid Surface ) artificial stone , vibrating table artificial stone cement-Plast , vibrating table concrete (colored concrete vase mosaic)- vibrating table ENG artificial stone , vibrator Table counter-tops stone cabinets- Sink & Vanity Equipment , special vibrating table fixed , moving conveyor, screw conveyor material lifting, screw cement, grinding machine, grinder, extruder and others

Nano Cement plast  or Nano-polymerized cement is a type of artificial stone that can be manufactured  by shifting the molecular structure of cement and performing polymerization reactions and formation of strong chain net in cement . this reaction causes cement to be crystal shaped and formation of crystal net in it and at last the final product achieves a resistance up to 3 times more than concrete and in such a situation it’s equal to most of the natural stones in solidity. Beneath is a table that compares the physical and mechanical characteristics of cement plast to natural stonesartificial stone antique facade-artificial stone roduction line machin-artificial  stone


Cement plast

Natural stone /minimum

Pressure resistance

600- 1400 kg/cm2

200-400 kg/cm2

Traction resistance

90-200 kg/cm2

30 kg/cm2

Abrasion resistance

Less than 2/2 g/cm2

4/0 g/cm2

Temperature resistance

500 cycles

50 cycles

Water permeation

Less than 2/2%

1% - 15%


 1000-1200-1500-1700 and  2200 kg/m3

2700 kg/m3











It’s easy to break the unsolved pigments in polymerization phase and simulate the natural designs like marble or granite using special technics

The pigmentation of NANO cement plast stones is in depth and without any printing. The margins and designs of stone is completely accidentaladvantages artificial stone vs natural stone-cement last artificial faade stoneAdvantages of artificial stone VS natural stone

Improvements in metal and chemical knowledge of the man , specially in polymer has caused wonderful evolution in industries of mining and construction. Synthesis artificial chemicals and revival of mineral materials via chemical interactions is one of the polymer- chemistry functions at this century. Maybe combining mineral materials and elements together and production of a new combination called cement-plast is the most scientific evolution in construction industry through twentieth century.
artificial stone-cement last concrete artificial stone-facade artificial stoneSome of the difficulties about using natural stone in construction industry is as follows:

environment demolition to discover natural stone sources and high expenses for extraction , cutting and burnishing  them , limited colors , low range of pigmentation , high expenses for shipping because of heavy-weight and low adhesive strength to building body … . And the solution is replacing them by artificial stones under controlled conditions.

Applying modern technologies in construction industry leads to creating products with higher strength and quality . one of these technologies is artificial stone that has vast usage in construction industry.

There are different technology to produce artificial stones , one of which is cement – plast. Cement – plast or polymerized cement is a mixture of minerals and chemicals that changes molecular tissues of cement and causes polymerization reactions.

HUNAM ARTIFICIAL STONE COMPANY  is the innovator of this technology in Iran that using domestic minerals and special domestic resins  succeeded to produce these unique artificial stones.

Low water absorption  and ideal tensile ,bending , compressive strength  are some of characteristics of these stones along with low weight and less erosion .

According to tonality and formation process , variant stones in different models, designs and colors are produced.
artificial stone line-artificial stone machine-artificial stone product-artificial stone technologyVariant designs f cement-plast artificial stones are as follows:

1.       Variant face stones (glossy - shiny , opaque, semi-opaque)

2.       Variant bulging , patterned face stones suitable for external and internal walls of the building

3.       Variant building stones ,cornice , stepping stones …

4.       Variant glossy mosaics with simple designs or marble and granite design

5.       Variant patterned and antique glossy mosaics

6.       Variant bulging glossy or opaque paving stones

7.       2-d or 3-d things like pots, inscriptions and sculptures

Following are some characteristics of cement-plast artificial stones:

1)      Variety of colors with the ability to customize different and favorite designs

2)      Lighter than natural stone with the gravity 2200 kg/m3  and  under 1000 kg – about 1200 -1300 kg -  1500 – 1700 kg in per m3 that leads the building to be lighter and less sensitive against earthquake

3)      Less than 2.2% water absorption equal to ceramic and tiles

4)      No limit in product's dimension and the installation is similar to natural stone and no limit in design

5)      Higher tensile and compressive strength than natural stones

6)      More adherence to cement materials i.e like natural stones,  it won't separate from the wall because of climatic factors over time

7)      High strength against climatic factors and solar radiation

8)       Glacial strength to minus 50 degree centigrade

9)        Thermal strength up to 500 thermal cycles

10)   Resistant against contraction and expansion that causes no crack in desert areas

11)    High strength and solidarity

12)   High Variability

13)   Easy installation

There's no doubt that production of artificial stone in any country creates employment and revenue because when commissioning the production line of this product , lots of manpower would be employed and ideal revenue would be gained.

The R&D and machinery engineers of HUNAM ARTIFICIAL STONE  company have manufactured automatic production line machineries for cement-plast artificial stone to increase the deal of production and to stop fore methods that material loading was manual and there was lots of human error in the production process.

This company has succeeded to manufacture advanced material  assessment sensors that assesses chemical reaction.

HUNAM ARTIFICIAL STONE CO  succeeded to submit more than 1500 different color spectrum using cement-plast modern technology.
artificial stone production line-automaric production line artificial stone-mosaic automatic production line machine HUNAM ARTIFICIAL STONE CO  is formed of three mighty bundles to serve all applicants for technology and products

machinist part to supply production line machineries |  manual, semi-automatic, automatic

molding part to supply composite molds with the highest material quality and as the only producer of special cement-plast molds 


The dear applicant of technology and production line of cement plast artificial stone

To purchase production line and technology of cement plast artificial stone these steps is suggested to accelerate the process and make sure about feasibility of investment

Gaining information about cement plast artificial stone and visiting the website

Studying the technical specifications of machineries to get acquaintance with different types of production lines and the advantages of each type

Contacting  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in whats app by 00989113269239 mobile number   to receive complete information package and the production line movie in English via  Email

After you received the price information and production line’s , you can set a meeting to make clarifications

Next you receive the invoice and specifications of machineries and draft of contract in the meeting

Then would come the contract and prepayment to establish the desired production line 

Our engineers would manufacture the production line for you and then come to your site to install the machineries and we guarantee our machineries too 

HUNAM ARTIFICIAL STONE Company Title services

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