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For the loading of aggregates and raw materials in the production of artificial stone, tile adhesive, artificial engineered stone and ... You can use elevators (hoists) and hopper (For depot of raw materials required)

Why should elevator and vibrating hopper (inside the ground) be used to load raw materials needed for artificial stone and other products instead of static hopper (placed above the ground)?

some reasons for using a conveyor or screw in the production of artificial stones facade & polymeric mosaic are as follows:Artificial stone Elvatary Hopper Artificial Stone Cement Plast Line Equipment Artificial Stone Cement Plast Artificial Stone Machine-Static hopper will have safety issues

-In static hopper for loading raw materials, it is necessary to use mechanical elevators or mini-loaders or separate conveyors.

-Repair and maintenance in static hopper will have problems

Equipment for other artificial stone companies:

-Lack of access to materials in hopper due to being placed in height

-Create surface difference in static hopper to access and...Artificial stone | Artificial Stone Line | Hopper Artificial Stone Elvatar Artificial Stone Cement PlastElvatar | Ancient Stone Artificial Stone Auvatar Artificial Stone Production Line Elvatar Tile AdhesiveArtificial Stone Cultured Plate | Alvator Artificial Stone Production Line and Alvatu Tile Adhesive Alvator machine toolHopper | Hopper storage material | Hopper Artificial Stone Production Hopper Production of Plast Cement | Hopper Tile Adhesive-The conveyor has a lower loading speed than the elevator

-Accuracy amount in conveyor is very low

-Dirty workshop environment when the conveyor returns, it will arise

-Occupy a lot of space by conveyor, because that if the mixer is located at a distance of 3 meters, the conveyor should be used with a length of approximately 10 meters

-Low safety in the use of conveyorsMachine tools for the production line of other companies - comparison of artificial stone production lineBut in the production of artificial stone and other technologies, if the use the elevator and vibrating hopper, the above problems will be solved. that is, the amount of space occupied (Area) by the workshop is about 6 square meters. it is also possible to load raw materials by dumpers, and other equipment. easier access into the hopper, speed and precision in loading raw materials in the use of hopper and elevator is higher, no pollution at the workshop and has higher security than other methods - ability to load raw materials by elevator for injection for one, two, or three mixers is prepared (Ordinary automatic production line, twin and triplet automatic production line for artificial stone and...) in the event that for loading materials for twin or triple automatic production lines by conveyor is not provided and...Comparison of machines for the production line of Cement Plast Co. of hunam and other companiesSome of the Hopper and elevator specifications, produced by HUNAM artificial stone company, are: Automatic transport of aggregates (and compounds related to artificial stone facade & polymeric mosaic, adhesives and ...) with capacity of 200 to 300 kg per minute, entrance and exit gate at an approximate height of 6 meters and elevators length is about 830 centimeters, which is 300 centimeters will be placed in the holes of elevator and hopper, with 5.5 and 7.5 KW electric engine (According to the automatic and semi-automatic production line of artificial stone facade & polymeric mosaic), TAIWAN manufacturing chain with installing 24 bowls of elevator with a thickness of 3 mm, body of elevator is 3 mm, hopper body with a sheet of 3 to 4 mm, and one side sheet (installation side of vibrating electric engine) 8 mm sheet, installing a half-kilowatt vibrating engine for loading moist aggregates and... , hopper in the form of two piece for loading raw materials and...

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