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Several manufacturing companies in Iran produce facades products (such as the "S.stone"), which they called concrete exposed artificial facades stone

Incidentally, we encountered something on the site of this manufacturer: why not buy cement plast?

Unfortunately, the material on this site was unrealistic and this was the reason why we looked at the main products (not the counterfeit) of cement plast and exposed products.

Note: the company may have tested and studied the counterfeit products of cement plast, which in this case, objections said about counterfeit products entered. however, the main products of cement plast, which has a higher quality and resistance than the company mentioned.

The products of this company are very beautiful and in terms of color, it is very beautiful color.

From the consumer's point of view, the mentioned company's products are very beautiful and without flaws. but from the perspective of a manufacturer, even a non-professional manufacturer, the products of the mentioned company are full from big and small bugs. we will review them and compare them with the artificial stone nano cement plast.

Non-conicity and Tolerance of Stone Dimensions in many designs:in nano cement plast product (most products), dry molds are used, therefore, the sides and dimensions are without tolerance and the conic is (with condition, use standard molds). in the event that, the mentioned company, uses soft and Inaccuracy molds for molding (Silicon mold), which, in many of its designs, and the ultimate products of this company, lack of conicity and as a result, there will be a hard and defective implementation. there are, of course, some justifications for this, for example: they want to show hardness and clutter of stone, but this is just a justification.

Pigments and colored materials used: It is true that the products of the mentioned company are beautifully colored, but these colors are not suitable for the facade outside of the building and in the presence of acid rain and sunshine, they become pale or discoloration, while, in the standard products of nano cement plast, the colors used in the exterior of the building will be of a very high tolerance and in the face of acid rain and sunlight, they will not change color.

Intrusion of darkness in the internal tissue of products and high water absorption, and low resistance against cold and frost:

In the products of the mentioned company, due to the use of non-standard formulations and materials and the lack of use specific polymer materials, water absorption is very high (about 12% to 18%), as a result, in addition to water penetration into the building over time, due to the high water absorption of soil, blur, fungus and bacteria penetrated in the internal tissue of the stone and causes color changes and darkness. also due to the presence of micro-microscopic holes in the internal tissue of the stone, resistance to frost and cold is very low, and it gets cracked and... while the products of the nano cement plast, due to its technical specifications, which are mentioned in different sections of the site, are separated from the above problems.

The need to run protective facade resin on the mentioned company's artificial stone:

By preventing the change in the color and the influence of darkness in the internal tissue of the stone produced by the mentioned company, avoid high water absorption and... these products after installation, should be covered with a variety of facade protective resins, this coating of facades protective resins, due to rain and sunlight, it disappears over time (between one and four years) and in order to avoid the problems mentioned, coating should be done again, therefore, there will be additional maintenance costs. but artificial stone nano cement plast products, don't have the above problems and there is no need to create a protective coating.

Separation of coarse grains from fine grains:Due to the wrong meshing, he styles of grains, in the facade and artificial stone products of mentioned company, may reduce the adhesion of building materials to stone texture and in the long run, they can separate themselves from the facade of the building and face the fall. artificial stone nano cement plast products are also exempted from this issue.

Volumetric mass of products manufactured by the mentioned company:

The products of the company, despite the fact that they are light products, because of their high thickness, non-use of suitable products and materials and... have a much higher final weight than HUNAM's artificial stone products, which this issue, will causing excess load in the building. the volume mass of the products manufactured by the mentioned company is between 1700 to 1800 kg / m3, but nano cement plast products, according to different designs, have a much lower thickness and are produced with a mass volume of 1300-1200 kg / m3. also the adhesion strength of standard nano cement plast product to the various materials used to install is much higher.

Attention: the benchmark for comparing the products of the mentioned company, is with HUNAM's company's artificial stone products. therefore, this is not the reason for the confirmation of all products of artificial stone produced by non-standard companies.

Typically, the production of a quality product requires the standardization of a chain. machinery, molds, raw materials, polymer and nano material, production standard, formulation, production methods, and... all will contribute to the production of a high quality product.

Sales price and consumer price appropriate:

Artificial stone products of the above company, due to lower quality than HUNAM artificial stone products, it is sold at higher prices to consumers. therefore, in terms of sales price, Standard nano cement plast products, have a higher competitive level than these companies.

In short, the disadvantages of the artificial rocks of this company (S.stone) can be noted:

-Higher volumetric mass compared to HUNAM artificial stone products

-High water absorption and release

-Darkness penetrates the internal tissue of the stone

-Non-connective dimensions and dimensional tolerance

-Has curvature and the lack of control of aggregation in these products

-Low resistance to cold due to high water absorption

-Change color in the facades outside the building

-Need for coating and facade protective resin

- Expensive price for consumers

-No acoustic insulation, despite advertising

-No self-cleaning properties due to high water absorption and tissue microscopic holes

-No purification of air pollution, despite advertising

-Flexural and compressive strength, lower than cement plast products

-High erosion due to low surface condensation and..

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