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what are construction adhesives, for the installation of stone and tile (or artificial stones) for exterior facade of the building?and how is it used?

For the installation of stone and building facade products, in areas that are in direct contact with moisture (like exterior facade of the building), it is better to use powdered adhesives

dough building adhesive, in where will it be used?

In general, it can be said, from tile and stone pasty adhesives, in walls and places that are not in direct contact with moisture, are used, this adhesive can be used in different types of surfaces (walls), including: install a new stone or tile on a ceramic & tile or old stone, installation of ceramic and stone on gypsum walls, installing stone on concrete and brick walls and... which are not directly in contact with moisture, local repair of stone or tile

Are the raw materials of building adhesives readily available?

Yes, all raw materials of polymer and chemical, minerals and... these glues exist in the country, and their supply is very easy

What advice do you have for packing?

HUNAM company, with skilled personnel in design and marketing, different suggestions for designing special packages, at low prices, to applicants will be provided

Also, to facilitate the marketing, long-term and short-term policies needed, are available

How long is the shelf life of different types of products and adhesives?

In the formulation of adhesives, preservative additives are considered according to the time required for storage to sales. usually this time for glues is between 6 and 8 months. so, if necessary, you can easily add or subtract this duration.

Why do you propose the production of building adhesives, along with the artificial stone production line?

For a number of reasons, we refer to some of these:

For the production of building adhesives, no need to buy special machines. and from the same machines and facilities of the artificial stone production line, building adhesives can be produced.

The urgent need of artificial stone customers, to building adhesives, it leads to another product being sold by the manufacturer and as a result, an increase in profits will follow

Creating a second job without investment, as well as filling seasonal unemployment

Providing a higher quality product, compared to similar products, to artificial stone customers, at a price lower than similar products.

Adding adhesion properties and ... more in the products according to the type of artificial stones provided

Creating direct and indirect employment

Increase producer basket product

Earn more new markets, depending on the type of products

What type of mixer is needed, to produce dough tile adhesive and powder tile adhesive? why?

For production of powder glue from horizontal ribbon mixers, and for the production of a dough glue from a vertical ribbon blender mixer, it can be used. also, for the production of a variety of dough tile adhesives and powder adhesives, it is possible to use PAN's design mixers.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of ribbon blender design mixer:

If the budget for launching and purchasing a Ribbon mixer is sufficient, it is better to use separate mixers for two types of powdered and dough. but, ribbon blender mixer of tile adhesive, have weaknesses.

First, for each type of adhesive, you need a separate mixer, so the cost of commissioning will be high. second, the strength of the ribbon mixers compared to PAN's design mixers, is much lower. for example, in the production of powder adhesive with a horizontal ribbon blender mixer, the mixing time (apart from the time it takes to load the material into the mixer) is about 30 minutes. also, in the production of dough tile adhesive by vertical ribbon blenders mixer, the mixing time is between 30 and 60 minutes.

But if you use a PAN's design mixer for adhesive, you can use a PAN's design mixer to produce a variety of dough and powder adhesives. therefore, there is no need to pay for two mixers. the third is the price of mixers, the price of the PAN's design mixers is also better than the ribbon design mixers. on the other hand, the mixing time of the materials in the PAN's design mixers is between 10-12 minutes.

Fourth point, due to the low power of ribbon blender mixer, it must be part of the material to be discharged, and add to the mixer again, until homogeneous adhesive is obtained. also in the horizontal ribbon blender mixer, the mixing of additives, which have a low percentage of total materials, does not have a good transmittal in the overall texture of powder materials.

If we want to use a PAN's design mixer, is the production method different?

In the case of the production of powdery adhesives in the PAN's design mixer, all the materials are loaded, finally the mix of materials is done. but in the production of dough adhesive, the method of work changes:

For make dough tile adhesive, in vertical ribbon blender design mixers, first, the fluids are loaded in the mixer and finally the powders are poured into the mixer. (due to inadequate mixing power, in the dough adhesive ribbon mixer, part of the material is not mixed well in the vertical ribbon blender mixer. and after a while, from the bottom of the mixer, part of the material should be discharged, and for mixing, from the top of the mixer, pour again into the mixer, until mixed and homogeneous mixture is obtained)

In PAN's design mixers, to make dough tile adhesives, first, the powders, and then the prepared liquids, are added to the mixer. also in these mixers, due to special blades, it is not necessary to exit material and re-injection into the mixer. as it was said, after 10-12 minutes, in the Penn design mixers, completely homogenous mixture is obtained.

PAN's design mixers can be used in the production of various types of pool tile adhesive, concrete remodeling, types of powder tile adhesive, types of dough tile adhesive, types of colored and anti-bacterial filler powder, dough concrete adhesive, The production of various types of artificial stone nano cement plast, production of various types of grout, production of concrete and lightweight concrete and..., production of rubber and polyurethane waste (special flooring), GFRC and similar to that

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