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HUNAM Artificial Stone Company | With the aim of providing a new generation of robust, beautiful, light and environmentally-friendly construction products, it has been manufacturing polymer artificial stones (Nano Cement Plast). this section, by utilizing the best raw materials and constantly maintaining the quality of products, by offering a completely competitive price (according to special features), it seeks to satisfy its customers.

HUNAM company, with the help of a strong management team, the founder of the tremendous transformations in the artificial stone industry (and Cement Plast) represents the new technologies and techniques and new products.

The company owns modern machinery and new technology and is proud to offer the best and purest artificial stone Nano Cement Plast and engineering artificial stones of the highest quality to the customers using the finest and most domestic materials.

HUNAM artificial stone products can be used extensively in places such as apartments (indoor and outdoor spaces), villas (interior decoration and exterior), hotels, office and engineering offices, banks and hospitals, stores and centers and Commercial large and...Artificial Stone Cement Plast / Antique Stone 12 Piece / Artificial Stone Nano Cement PlastFlooring (antique mosaic) Artificial stone cement plastFeatures of artificial stone Nano Cement Plast flooring and building façade:

High variability (variety in color with the ability to execute various designs and custom)

Light weight is less than natural stones (with a specific gravity of 2,200 kg / m3, from 1,200 to 1,700 kg / m3 and less), which results in lower building weights and consequently reduced earthquake impact on the building.

Ability to absorb artificial stone water less than 2/2 percent (in ceramic and tile)

Limitations on the dimensions of production or installation, such as natural stone

Endurance (tensile strength and pressure) above natural stones

More adhesion with cementitious materials.

High resistance to atmospheric factors as well as color resistance to solar radiation

High resistance to freezing (up to 50 ° C below zero)

High temperature resistance (up to five hundred cycles)

Resistant to expansion and contraction, which causes it to not crack in desert areas.

High strength

Easy and effortless installation and...Antique artificial stone | Artificial stone sale Antique artificial stone price Interior decoration stoneAntique Stone | Decorative Stone | Artificial Stone of Nano Cement Plast | building stoneNo intrusion of darkness in the internal tissue of artificial stone:

In natural stones, it is shiny when installed and has a special effect. this is due to the use of glossy resins on the surface of natural stones. due to atmospheric factors such as sunlight and acid rain, ... after a while, the resins will disappear and the stone will be dark. after the loss of shiny resins, the water absorption of natural stone has increased and because of the absorption of surface water, the soil and contaminants present in the surface, penetrate into the stone, and the stone over time becomes more darken.

With dirt and dust has penetrated the stone, in continuous and discontinuous cavities in stone texture, bacteria, algae and fungi also penetrate and over time, these bacteria and fungi grow. after their death, darkness appears in the tissue of stones.

Because of the very low water absorption (less than 3%), superficial and deep molecular densities, and the absence of continuous and discontinuous cavities in the internal tissue of artificial stones, artificial stones have been excluded from the darkness penetration in the internal tissue of stone.Stone | Antique Stone | Stone production | Anti-Countertop Nano Cement Plast | Antique Cemented Plate Mosaic | Artificial Stone Cement Plast sales priceAntique mosaic nano cement plast | Selling nano mosaic | Synthetic stones produced by Plast CementMore adhesion power of artificial stone with building materials:

Due to the non-homogeneity of the coefficient of expansion and contraction of natural stones and concrete and slurry behind the work, over time, the stone is separated from the body, and this will cause damage and ugly appearance in the building.

To solve these problems, there are solutions in natural stones:

Creating a scope behind the rock, which is useless over time due to rust, and after a while, the stone will separate from the body of the building.

Screwing stones from the surface, which makes this case ugly appearance to the building and is not welcomed by consumers.

Artificial stones, due to the concrete base, are more closely aligned with building materials (with slurry materials behind the stones or adhesives used) and have more adhesion power.

Low price artificial stone, in the consumer market compared to natural stones:

Natural stones in the country's consumption market, at a very high price, are available to the compatriots. for example, non-quality stones such as travertine, which formerly known as useless stones, but now, it has been used with cutting, sub, polishing and putty in the body of most buildings.Anti-Countertop Nano Cement Plast | Nano Cement Plast Mosaic | Artificial stone flooring mosaic nano cement plastNano Cement Pile Stone | Stone Staircase Stone | Antique Nano Cement Plast | Artificial stone | Stone Staircase Manufacturing Stone marble steps | Stone Stairs GraniteLower weight of artificial stones than natural stones:

Volumetric mass of natural stones 2800-2700 kg / m ^ 3

Travertine stones with a mass volume of 2500 kg / m ^ 3

Concrete with a mass volume of 2400-2300 kg / m ^ 3

Volume of artificial stone in the state:

Normal 2200 kg / m ^ 3

Semi-lightweight 1700-1500 kg / m ^ 3

The ultra-light is 1100-500 kg / m ^ 3, which is much lighter than natural stones.

Resistance of artificial stone Nano Cement Plast against frost and heat:

In natural and concrete stones, due to high water absorption and water penetration in the internal tissue of stone and concrete, due to cold weather, penetrated water in the continuous and discontinuous holes is frozen and by freezing the water in their tissue and increasing the volume of ice, natural stone and concrete (street tables and mosaics,...) will crack and fracture. therefore, the use of stones with high water absorption in cold regions is not recommended.

Artificial stones, due to the very low water absorption, have a cold resistance of up to 50 degrees below zero.

Also, natural stone, ceramic tiles and concrete will be fractured due to atmospheric factors and temperature changes (expansion and contraction), but artificial rocks, with cold tolerance up to minus 50 degrees Celsius, as well as a temperature tolerance of up to 350 ° C, and tolerate 500 different temperature cycles, there will be no such problems, due to the cold and also the high temperature as well as temperature tolerances,Antique Stone Buy Stone | Artificial Stone of Plast CementStone Fair | Artificial stone production Selling antique building facadeSound and thermal insulation of artificial stones:

Stones with a mass of 1100-500 kg / m ^ 3, in addition to weight loss due to the use of special materials and compounds, acoustic and thermal insulation in the building's structure, and this will save energy.

Also to be insulated against sound up to 40%

Less erosion of artificial stones than natural stones:

Variety of designs, colors and dimensions

Bending strength is higher than concrete and natural stones

The similarities of natural stones, such as marble and granite, can be named

Variety in design and size produced with artificial stones

The ability to use artificial stones in interior and exterior decoration of the building and on any surface

Lower weight than natural stones, which reduces the weight of the building and consequently reduces the impact of the earthquake on the building

Easy installation of artificial stone, and in various ways

More adhesion with cementitious materials (And other building materials)


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