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Decorative stone production line of other companies, Non-standard production line

Considering the numerous cases of dissatisfied buyers, from the decorative stone production line provided by some companies, and according to information received from dissatisfied buyers of these companies, we are going to give some tips this non-standard decorative stone production line will be offered to you.
Here is a look at the technical specifications of the artificial decorative stone production machine:

Mixer: The mixer provided by the listed company,includes a 4-horsepower engine with legged gearbox, with a really unprofessional blade, you can see it in the image below. This mixer with mentioned power, has the capacity to make 100 kg of standard mix , but the mixer above its provided as 250 to 300 kg, below the mixer, there is a furnace with a wheel, that's material poured into it. the gearbox of the mixer on a weak metal structure in the form of inappropriate is located, the direction of displacement The elevator has been used (Instead of use winch)Non-standard synthetic guillotine mixer Artificial stone mixerAntique synthetic non-standard guillotine mixer motorThe corresponding blade is a plate with several small holders.Also because of the diameter of the blade than furnace is low, they must move the gearbox and move mechanically.

It is worth mentioning,for example,these companies have copied the vertical work mixers of the HUNAM artificial stone company,but first, the vertical mixers are for producing different products and for cement base products and ... not applicable.Also, the performance and specifications of the mixer made by the company do not have any functional or technical similarities to the vertical displacement mixer of HUNAM. in order to make decorative stone products, it is necessary to use specially mixer designed by PAN. Not every machine that has the name of the mixer.Guillotine Stone Mixer Non-standard artificial stone mixer Pile-mixerVibration table:it is observed that the vibration table is used, is dimensions 80 * 80 cm, made with various weakly-formed metals, it only has a 400 kg electrical motor. even the springs used in this vibrator are non-standard. from this vibration table, can't be used in the production of flooring or dry molds.Non-standard guillotine stone vibration roving table | Non-standard artificial stone vibration tableVibration table | Non-standard vibrating table made of guillotine stoneSilicone molds: Dear friends, the method of making silicon molds is very convenient, so instead of buying silicon mold double the price, you can easily produce.Silicone mold | Artificial Guillotine StoneVibration Hose: This type of vibrator has no application in the production of artificial stone and there is really no use of this type of vibration in any type of artificial stone. So vibration technique it only lowers the quality of the product. also the mixture should be made by hydro moisture, not a lot of liquids. there is a difference between Being loose and being slump from ground to sky.Guillotine Stone Made with Non-standard Guillotine Stone MachineGuillotine Artificial Stone Guillotine Stone Made With Non-standard Guillotine Stone Machine Non-standard artificial stoneNon standard artificial stone | How to identify non-standard artificial stone productsThe training provided by the mentioned company: Dear friends, the technology of artificial stone production is much more complicated than the speculators are telling you. so there is going to be a 5-8 day training course to learn about production, which requires expertise and expertise, and any company or person will not have this capability, please do not eat glare. based on mentioned points, if you still insist on purchasing this non-standard product line, HUNAM Artificial Stone Company can provide you with similar specifications at a much lower price.

But remember, that's even if the HUNAM artificial stone company offers training, with non-standard machines like this, it's not possible to produce a high quality product.Artificial Stone of Nano Cement Plast | Artificial stone flooring | Antique Nano MosaicWith standard artificial stone production lines, different types of facades and flooring will be able to produce, the difference is in formulations and molds, not in machinery.

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