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With the advent of science and technology, the use of artificial stones instead of natural stones is nowadays due to the prevention of extraction of natural stone from mines and environmental degradation, more variation in the design and color of artificial stones, the possibility of designing stones in new designs According to market requirements, the price of artificial stone in comparison with natural stones, the ability to produce artificial stone based on different building needs, lower weight than natural stones and... has a special place.

The types of artificial stones include:

1.Artificial stone cement plast (facade stone, mosaic and flooring, stone stair and... artificial stone cement plast)

2.Artificial Stone Cultured Marble & Granite

3.Solid Surface Artificial Stone
4.Artificial stones like Coreen

5.Artificial Stone ONYX and Pebble Design

6. Artificial Stone Quartz Solid Surface

7.Artificial Stone Similar Quartz

8.Integrated industrial artificial stone flooring – polymeric

1.artificial stone cement plast: Artificial stone Nano cement plast, made of a variety of minerals, polymerization products, product stabilization, Nano stabilizing materials, Nano controller materials, mineral pigments, mineral and industrial styles, and more. due to the technical specifications of Plast Nano structures products, these products can be used for:

Types of flooring and antique and colored mosaics

All kinds of antique facades, facades with simple layout, decorative facades, guillotine stone and ... buildings

Types of grid facades, injectable GFRC, stone pillar, stone fences, atone pot and...

Types of colored street tables with specific technical characteristics, stairs and ...

2.Artificial stone cultured marble: Artificial marble, including artificial stones for veneer, using a combination of a variety of minerals and polymer and Nano resins, as marble or granite. These products will not have the ability to pass through light due to excessive filler usage, as well as against acids and bases (other than sulfuric acid).

The cultured marble stones can be used to produce the following products:

Types artificial stone cabinets and countertops

Manufacture of sinks and bathtubs sink

production of roman facades, stone sculptures, stone pillars and...

Note: All type of artificial stones can be used to simulate natural stone and granite. The difference in the beauty of each and method of producing them.

Coreen Artificial Stone: artificial coreen stone (solid surface) comes from the combination of minerals bauxite, Aluminum Trihydrate, Poly MethylMethacrylate Resins, Different Pigments, and ...

The features of this product include ductility (soft heat), light transmittance, anti-acid capability, especially sulfuric acid, and...

3.Artificial stone Coreen (solid surface) can be used in the following cases:

Stone cabinets surface and counter-tops

counter tops stone and between the stone cabinets

dish washing sink and the washing stone sink (Stone products for kitchen and bathroom)

Note: The possibility of producing solid surface (Coreen stone) in Iran will not exist at present.

4.Artificial stones similar Coreen: Due to the lack of some compounds of Coreen (solid surface), it is not possible to produce Coreen in Iran now. So, you can use a variety of minerals, effects and granules, hydrated alumina, bauxite, various pigments, and... products such as products coreen (Solid Surface) with all the functionality of the product produced. The only difference is that, unlike Coreen (Solid surface), artificial stones produced with the same technology as corrosion heat hard.

5.Artificial Stone onyx and pebble design: artificial stone onyx or river artificial stone, for the production of marble products, it is capable of lighting for walls or partitions. this technology is a combination of cultured marble and solid surface. among other products that are similar to these artificial stone, pebble design and antique partitions can be mentioned.

6.Quartz Artificial Stone: Quartz artificial stone combining various special mineral aggregates, Quartz aggregates, special polymer materials, pigments, and... under press - vibration- vacuum and sub (polishing) achieved. which makes the product very robust (high compressive and flexural strength), with very low water absorption, and anti-scratch and resistance properties Against acids and...

Quartz artificial stone can be used in the following products:

production of dish washing sinks in the form of opaque (No Polishing and Sub)

Manufacture of tombstones in the form of a page

production of cabinets stone and counter-tops with high strength

Production of indoor floors, office centers, airports and...

Elevator floor stone, stone stairs and...

The cost of quartz artificial stone is higher than that of artificial stone similar quartz.

7.Artificial Stone Similar quartz: In some cases, we need a product that has the appearance and effect of artificial quartz stone, but its cost is lower and it is cost effective for some buyers. So, in this case, you can use artificial stone technology similar quartz to produce artificial stones similar quartz. quartz stones can't be used as a cabinet stone, or as a sink. Use of artificial stone similar quartz can include the following:

Stone flooring inside and outside the building with an appearance similar to artificial stone quartz

Stone flooring of elevators, government offices and buildings, airports and...

Wall veneer lining inside and outside the building

Stair stone similar quartz

8.Polymeric and industrial integrated artificial stone flooring:

Integrated flooring and seamless, with the ability to run in place, with two technologies; integrated flooring Nano cement plast for integrated flooring outside the building and artificial stone similar to Coreen-Quartz for integrated flooring inside the building together with the sub-floor system

This product is completely different from epoxy integrated flooring.

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