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What kind of mixer is needed to produce dough tile adhesive and powder tile adhesive? why?

for the production of powder adhesive from the horizontal ribbon mixers and for the production of dough adhesive from the vertical blender mixer, it can be used. also, for the production of a variety of dough and powder adhesives, you can use the PAN design mixers with special arms.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of ribbon blenders design mixers for the production of tile adhesives:

If the budget for launching and purchasing a Ribbon mixer is sufficient, it is better to use separate mixers for two types of dough and powder. but ribbon blenders tile adhesive mixers, has weaknesses.

First, for each type of adhesive, a separate mixer is needed, so the cost will be high. second, the strength of the ribbon blender mixers is much lower than the PAN design mixers, for example, in the production of powder adhesive with a horizontal ribbon blender mixer, the mixing time is about thirty minutes (Other than the time it takes to load material into the mixer), also, in the production of dough tile adhesive by vertical ribbon blenders mixer, the mixing time is between 30 and 60 minutes (Other than the time it takes to load material into the mixer).

But if you use a PAN design adhesive mixer, it is possible to use a PAN design mixer for the production of a variety of dough adhesives and for the production of a variety of powder adhesives, therefore, there is no need to pay for two mixers. the third subject, is the price of mixers, the price of the PAN design mixer is also better than the Ribbon design mixer. the mixing time of the material in the PAN design mixers is between 10-12 minutes.

Fourth point, due to the low mixing power of the ribbon blender mixer, part of the material should be discharged and added to the mixer again to obtain homogeneous adhesive. also, in the horizontal ribbon blender's mixers, the mixing of additives, which have a low percentage of total materials, doesn't have a good distribution in the overall texture of powder materials.

If you want to use a PAN design mixer to produce dough and powder tile adhesive and..., does the adhesive manufacturing method differ?

In the case of the production of powdered adhesive in the PAN design mixers, all materials are loaded, eventually the mix of materials is made.

But in the production of dough adhesive, the method of work changes:

In order to make a dough tile adhesive, in the vertical ribbon blender design mixers, the fluids are first loaded in the mixer and finally the powders are poured into the mixer. (because of the power of the inappropriate difference in the vertical ribbon blender mixer, part of the material doesn't mix well in the mixer, and after a while, a part of the material should be discharged from the bottom of the mixer and for mixing from the top of the mixer, pour again into the mixer to mix and get the homogeneous mixture)

In PAN layout mixers, for the production of dough tile adhesives, first, the powders, and then the prepared liquids are added to the mixer. also, in these mixers, due to the presence of special blades, there is no need for material re-injection and material withdrawal into the mixer. as it was said, after 10-12 minutes, in the PAN layout mixers, perfectly homo-genous mixture is obtained.

PAN layout mixers, can be used in the production of various types of pool tile adhesive, concrete remodeling, types of powdered tile adhesive, types of dough tile adhesive, all types of colored and anti-bacterial filler powder, dough concrete adhesive, production of various types of artificial stones nano cement plast, production of various types of grout, concrete and lightweight concrete production and..., production of rubber and polyurethane waste (special flooring), GRFC and the like

What will be the packaging for the production of dough adhesive?

Dough adhesives are packed in buckets, therefore, there is no need for a packaging machine. only the material is poured into the container, on that, 50 * 35 cm nylon is located, and the cap is placed on it with a hit.

What is the automatic tile adhesive production system?

A multi-purpose automatic system can be used for dough adhesives, powder adhesives, grout and many others. but what about the extent to be automatic, the amount of funding and the final formulation of products must be known in advance. some products have the same ingredients. but the main thing is, for example: special dough tile adhesive is a combination of 14 types of raw materials. therefore, the automatic production line of this formulation will be more expensive than a low-quality dough adhesive that consists of five main materials.

Of course, it can be done automatically in the automatic production lines of the glue, the raw material that has a major volume in the formulation, or the part of the raw material that needs to accurately measure the measurement, and..., and lightweight materials, or materials that do not require high precision, or the amount of material in the whole mixture is very small, can be done manually. also, from a main production line, with the addition of software variables and equipment, other products (devices and software), can be used in multi-product.

The duration of training on building adhesives, how many days is it?

Duration of formulation training, raw material supply links, the introduction of a standard raw material, along with a method for testing the quality of raw materials and ... for two days, and as theoretical sessions.

What item of glue products, as part of the training course on building adhesives of HUNAM company?

Types of dough adhesives, different types of powdered adhesives, special powdered adhesives, restoration of concrete, ready-made mortars for the facade outside the building colorful and waterproof, all types of colored and anti-bacterial filler powder, White base filler powder, types of liquid concrete adhesive, dough concrete adhesive, adhesive supplement (second grade concrete adhesive) powder and complementary concrete, types of gypsum wall primer, expanding grout, ready grout, epoxy grout, stone adhesive and...

The space required to produce a tile adhesive and... in manual and automatic production line for building adhesives, is it a few square meters?

Due to the type of production line, manual or automatic, the amount of space required is different, also, given the number of products produced, this amount of space varies. for example, in order to produce building adhesives manually for production, the stock of raw materials and finished products should be considered a space between 150 and 250 square meters. in the case of automated production lines for construction adhesives, according to the capacity and tonnage of the production line, between 400 and 500 square meters of production space, raw material storage and final product storage are required.

In the section on recognition of additives and adhesives, you can read a variety of products and uses.

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