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Production Line for Construction Adhesive | Production line of Powder Tile Adhesive| Pasty Tile Adhesive |Concrete Adhesive

Equipment and machinery, mixer production lines for the production of all kinds of pasty tile adhesives, powder tile adhesive, grout, pool water-proof, filler colorful powder and anti-bacterial, grout repair concrete building Façade, water-proof materials, façade resin protector, primer and powder adhesive supplement, concrete glue and ... and building chemistry

one of the current problems of the building industry, abandoning the traditional ways of installing building stones(Natural stones, artificial stones and ceramic tiles) because of preventing weight gain of the structure and strengthening against earthquake, also lack of adhesion of cement(Cement slurry) to natural stone low cement adhesion to the ceramic and tile, also, to prevent the stones and tiles from falling, ceramic due to building minor subsidence.Powder adhesive mixer - Ribbon mixer powder adhesive - Adhesive mixerMixer - Glue Mixer - Ribbon Mixer Horizontal Blender Creates a powder tile adhesiveAdhesive Mixer and Artificial Stone - Dough Tile Adhesive Mixer - Mixer Tile Tile Adhesive - Multi-purpose Mixer

Amalgamators - Dough Adhesive Mixer and Powdery Adhesive Plank - Multi-Mixer Mixer
Mixers / Sell Mixer Glue - Ribbon Mixers - Mixers tile - tile adhesive paste and powder mixers - Mixers Ribbon Blenders

Therefore, to more Adhesion these Materials to the Building body as well as the Creation of Elastic Properties and ...We need Respective Adhesives in this industry

Fortunately, many companies in this field(Production of Building Adhesives). Butum fortunately, about 90 percent of these companies, sales increase at any cost put as a priority and the production of construction adhesives with low quality are busy. so HUNAM Company has been offering various formulations of building adhesives technology to further develop the use of these building products, it will be an effective step.

Among the products that are in the category of construction adhesives, the following can be mentioned:

Types of pasty Adhesives, pasty Tile Adhesives,installation brick facade adhesive (waterproof), natural and artificial stone pasty adhesive, pasty adhesives in four types and three generations with formulation, different prices and different specifications

Types of powdered tile adhesives,powdered adhesives to install facade brick, powdered adhesive for the installation of natural & artificial stone, powder Fibers adhesives, in two modes and four brigades with formulation, different prices and different specifications

Types of filler colorful powders and antibacterial and white base,Two-component antibacterial threading powder in two different types

Types of primer plaster walls to install antique stones on plaster walls,primer infrastructure coloring and painting of the building

Powder adhesive supplement, concrete supplement, a variety of liquid and pasty concrete adhesive

grout repair the exterior facade of the building with low water absorption

Coated mortar in the form of white or colored with property Waterproof,Exterior view of the building in single and double parts,replacing the stone-cement powder for building façade

Waterproof tile adhesive powdered pool

Special concrete repair and cracks concrete

Building facade Resin Protector, Luminescent facade Resin Protector

Cement and polymer plaster for building renovation for use Building repair

Types of waterproof and fast dry

ready dough filler, colored and white waterproof

Types of ready grout, expanding grout,epoxy Grout

Stone glue, and mastic stone travertine and ...
Tile paste adhesive / Anti-stick adhesive / Second generation paste adhesive / Good-quality adhesiveTile adhesive paste / Adhesive paste. Installation of natural stone and artificial stonePresentation of building adhesive production line, equipment - machinery and mixer tile adhesive and building adhesives along with the formulas for building adhesives, contains: Formula of all types of powder tile adhesive and lacustrine, Types of Tile pasty adhesives and natural stone and artificial stone, powdered tile adhesive, concrete remodeling, special powder adhesive, powdered fiber adhesives, powdered adhesive for antique stones and façade brick, types of concrete supplements and powder adhesives, concrete adhesive formula, formulation of types building painting primers, primer for infrastructure of stone on the walls of plaster, anti-dandruff primer and anti-watering plaster walls, two-component and multi-component water-seal formulations, all types of filler colorful powder and antibacterial, provides formulations of types of facade resins protector, resistant resins against sunlight, luminescence resin inside and outside building, provides ready grout formulation
Special powder adhesive / Tile adhesive, Powdered adhesive adhesive, Powder adhesive for antique and bricksTile adhesive / Antique rock gluing / Tile adhesive / Antique gypsum powder adhesive

for the production of building adhesives in the form of manual, may with only one mixer and supplies needed action to be produced. however, a few points are important:

been observed, some companies of the providers of the Formulations, to profit and increase profits,to those who want to enter building adhesives, they say that with a non-standard mixer, for example, a bakery mixer, can be produced. Dear Investor Friends, please note that by no means can you produce a product with such a device. so avoid possible damage.Mixer for glue production Granular Production Mixer Powder mixing mixer | Paste paste mixer | Artificial Stone Cement Plast Mixer | Penn design mixerTile adhesive manufacturing mixer Artificial Stone Cement Plast Mixer | Dough Tile Adhesive Mixer Mixer tile adhesive powderFor produce powdered adhesives or powder products, there is a need for horizontal ribbon mixers,and for the production of dough products and dough adhesive required to vertical blender mixer, but there are some points about these mixers that need to be addressed,and better instead of these mixers use multi-function mixers designed by pan:

The first point: to produce and use RIBBON design mixers, for two dough and powder types, you need two horizontal and vertical RIBBON BLENDER mixer, so you have to pay for two RIBBON mixers with high costs. also, you don't need to use stainless steel mixers to produce pasty adhesives (steel RIBBON BLENDER mixers is suitable for sanitary & nutritive product) if using a mixer designs PAN, can be produced types of products which is in the form of dough or powder is used. also, the price of RIBBON mixers will be much higher than the PAN and the cost of launch will increase.Tile adhesive | Powder tile adhesive Tile adhesive production line Tile adhesive manufacturing mixer Ribbon and Pins mixers

Second point:The power of mixing mixers RIBBON BLENDER Design is very low, for example, in a horizontal RIBBON mixer to produce a powder tile adhesive, the amount of additives is low, and because of the number of transporter blades and due to the U mode of this mixer, some materials on the sides and near the shaft, they will not be properly fused and mixed.

Other example, RIBBON Mixer Vertical Blender Production of pasty adhesive, when using this type of mixer, first, the fluids are loaded into the vertical mixer after which solids are loaded in a mixer for mixing.but because of the angled mode on the underside of the RIBBON BLENDER mixer, below the mixer remains fluid. therefore, materials should be removed from under the mixer and again, the mixer should be charged from above to complete the mix. In the case of using mixers designed PAN to produce pasty adhesive, these mixers should first load the powder and then the fluids, therefore, fluids can be individually mixed into a container and Transferred to the mixer in which solids are in it. In this mixer (PAN), high-strength mix action will be performed.
Mixer Stones - Glue Mixer - Artificial Stone Mixer Cement Plast - Granular Mixer - Dough Tile Adhesive Mixer - Mixer Tile Tile AdhesiveTile adhesive mixer | Mixer Building Adhesive | Grout mixer | Artificial Stone Mixer Plast Cement Mixer | Mixer powder powder productionMixer Production of powdered tile adhesive Artificial Stone Mixer Plast Cement Mixer | Dough Tile Adhesive Mixer | Shotting the bucket and bag fillingThird point:the mixing power in the RIBBON BLENDER Mixers is very low.assuming that loaded raw materials and don't consider the time within the mixer, RIBBON mixers for powder adhesives will need about 30 minutes to mix materials, however, the mix of materials is incomplete and will be part of the material inside the mixer.

In the static RIBBON mixer,to produce pasty adhesive, apart from the time required for loading materials, the mixing time will be between 30 and 60 minutes.

In the event that when using the PAN design mixer, for the production of various pasty and powder adhesives,apart from the time required for loading raw materials, the duration of the mix will be from 10 to 12 minutes.Therefore, it is recommended to use a PAN design mixer for the produce of pasty and powder adhesives.

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