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What is artificial stone engineering | Frequently Asked Questions Engineering Artificial Stone (Artificial stone similar to Corinne)

What is the genus of artificial stone engineering?

Engineering stones are derived from various combinations. the engineering stone has different formulations, but in general it can be said that the product is of a variety of minerals (carbonates, hydroxides, nano materials, mineral materials (to decorate some products and...)), as well as various types of materials Polymers, resins, chemicals, and... is formed

artificial stone engineering products, what are the issues included?

All kinds of antique partitions, for interior decoration of the building

Dishwasher and toilet sinks and so on

types of counter-tops and kitchen cabinets

smart lighting parts for decoration of the structure

Shiny resins with black-light property

Antique stones for interior decoration of the building with anti-acid properties

Indoor flooring stones

Stairs stone and cornice and...Sink | Sink Corin | Artificial Stone Sink Engineering Sink production line Wine sink sink similar to currySink mold | Creating a Corin Sink Mould | Coriin sink mold | Fiberglass molds produce synthetic stones similar to CoreenSome of the advantages of engineering artificial stones, compared to natural stone and wood?

The absorption of these products is very low (zero) due to the lack of ups and downs and are resistant to absorbent contaminants

These products are resistant to weak acids due to the materials used

Compressive and flexural strength of these products is very high

Like natural stones, they have the ability to sub and polish (In some products, even with simple wooden tools, they will have the ability to sub)

These products have antibacterial properties because of the materials used

It has high brightness and beauty, and is easy to clean and maintain

It has a variety of colors, and decorative components and with the ability to implement different designs and custom customers

Very high charm and keep the shapes and preserving the appearance and coloring of natural stones, despite the difference in the nature of the material

Lower weight than natural stones and capable of producing up to 8mm thick

Easy installation and ability to cutting and drilling

Varied price and the profit percentage is good for manufacturers and the price diversity for consumers

Resistance to sudden impact and good flexibility (Good bending)

High erosion and superficial resistance, due to the use of suitable raw materials

Product electrical resistance

Thermal shock resistance (For cabinets and counter tops)

Suitable for indoor spaces, including: flooring, wall coverings, stairs, kitchen counter tops, cabinets plate, floor elevatorsAntic Antique Stones Inside Anti-Acid Decoration - All kinds of Open Stone and Kitchen CabinetsArtificial Stone Under the Shower - Artificial Stone Under the Path - Artificial Stone Sink - Corn Stone - Corinth Sink - Stone Cabinets - Artificial Stone Line for CorinSink Corin | Learning to produce sink corin | Artificial Stone Marble Corinne | Granite Corin StoneHow to install artificial stone engineering products | Artificial stones like Corinne| What is it?

Depending on the type of product and its application, it is different, but in general, it is installed in the following ways:

For antique partitions (such as glass) with their respective fasteners

For stone cabinets by two-component adhesives and screws for wood

For flooring or wall covering, by two-component epoxy adhesives (The so-called dry)

Is it possible to use the machine of artificial stone production line (Cement Plast), for produced artificial stones engineering?

NO, the nature of the material in engineering stones is different from artificial stones cement plast. but only the vertical vibration machine artificial stone can be used to create vibrations in the material, molecular density of material, air out, used.Pailor Amalgamator Mixer Pitch Mixer Sink Production Artificial Stone Coral Pile | Salt Mix Mixing PilesMixer | Corin Marble Sink Mixer | Sink Corin granite production mixerWhat colors are used in engineering stones?

In the production of engineering stone products, mineral pigments are used. in some of these products, other types of colors are used with high resistance

Do engineering artificial rocks, in case of scratches on the product, will has a capable of sub?

Depending on the type of product (The product is capable of Sub or not), you can eliminate and rebuild the product in case of scratches on the product. please be sure to check the type of product when doing this. because the variety in this technology is very high.4 meter vibration table | Sink vibrating table | Artificial Stone vibrating table | Cabin Vibration Core |Specialized manufacturing machines for sink and stone cabinets Bagheri Machine | Gypsum resin mixer


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