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At the beginning of the production of artificial stones in Iran, molds from this industry were supplied from European countries. in this case, template applicants were required to purchase templates at a very high price. also due to high shipping costs, limit in area and amount of purchase, costs related to import of goods and heavy customs duties, the constant need for templates as a kind of consumer product (Useful life between six months and three years depending on the quality and thickness of the templates) and...

Due to the potential of our beloved country, the existence of various types of petrochemicals (polymers) and the possibility of achieving a very low price and high quality, the localization of this industry (artificial stone molding) began in 2010. as the demand for this product (artificial stone mold) is now in place in the country, even part of the production capacity of this technology will be exported to neighboring countries and...

But unfortunately, some companies also began to produce these templates. Without knowing in the artificial stone industry, templates play a key role in the quality of the final product.Artificial Stone Stamping Cement Plast / Artificial StoneManufacture of mosaic and antique artificial mold cement plastIn different technologies, artificial stones are used in different shapes. For example, molds made of rubber and silicon ... (soft molds) or injection molds, for the production of wall panels, gypsum panels, concrete and concrete mosaics and colored concrete ... Are suitable

In special artificial stones (Nano-cement plast), the molds will have a gloss or matte finish of 50%. (50% depend on the formulation of production). also for surface congestion and condensation, the creation of a non-air-tight network (continuous and discontinuous microscopic holes)

Soft molds (rubber and silicon, etc.) absorb part of the vibrations and transfer a small part of the material into the molds. in this case, the necessary specifications are not created in the product

On the other hand, the so-called "dry" injection molds are not intended for this technology. because we need a perfectly polished surface without any lint. if the mold is injectable (with a higher lifetime than forging), products will be scrapped from the beginning. because the relevant materials (mixtures) will adhere to the mold body due to the lack of a polished surface and separate a layer (the main layer in the production of rock) from the product.Antistatic Cement Plast Mold / Facade Mold / Antique MoldsArtificial stone mold / Plast cement moldPresentation of special molds for artificial stone (and Nano cement plast) Branded by HUNAM Forming:

Molds stone mosaic in different sizes and designs for the interior and exterior of the building, mosaic and sidewalks, and... Flooring molds, decorative molds for decorating interior and exterior of buildings in different modes, antique stone mold in variety in design and size, types of stone stairs in wood, leather and simple designs in different sizes, types of inscriptions, domestic products, table mold and garden umbrella, street vases and so on

These molds will be available to well-known manufacturers and craftsmen at reasonable prices and with good quality materials and thickness.

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