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Engineered artificial stone - Artificial marble & granite stones:

In the current era, due to the proliferation of dramatic goods, Successful companies will not be single-product and have a larger and diverse product portfolio.

Due to the introduction of modern construction products and replacing these products for decoration inside and outside the building, we plan to produce various kinds of engineered stone will promote in the market

These products are called engineered artificial stone or cultured marble-granite & solid surface

Engineered artificial stone is a mixture of art,Polymer and minerals that changing the structure of minerals with the arts and techniques of aesthetics, lead to beautiful and functional products.Artificial stone / Artificial stone production line Engineering / Design of rock / stone production line Nano glass engineeringIt should be noted that part of this technology can be produced with simple tools and will be taught to technology applicants along with the artificial stone production line.

Another part of the artificial stones requires special machines, which are offered to them according to the investment amount of the applicant.Artificial Stone Training / Nano Nano Glass Nanoscience Stones Training and Technology TransferThe duration of the technology for the produce of engineered artificial marble-granite is 4 days, Theoretically and practically at the site of the artificial stone company HUNAM.

Cultured Marble-Granite & Solid Surface Technology Training Course: Formula teaching and produce method of marble-granite stones, includes training formulations and methods of production and simulation of natural stone marble and granite,Training on the manufacture of sinks and baths, production training stepping stone and the floor of the elevator, the training of mold making, the training of cabinet and counter-tops stone,Edge creation methods and integrated forehead when producing and after work,How to install and construct a special adhesive for the installation of artificial marble-granite, Rebuilding method, Method of manufacturing all kinds of raw materials required in this technology and manufacturing products with specific specifications,Method of making a variety of sink and luminous cabinet stone,Raw Material Testing and Material Recognition, along with the provision of related shopping links and many other things,2 days of training in theory in the HUNAM Artificial Stone Office and 2 days of practical training at the HUNAM Artificial Stone Workshop.

Free training outside the contract: Teaching Methods for Making engineered stone and cultured marble-granite & solid surface and PVC Stones,Introduction to production concepts and formulation related to wood veneered with engineered stone, luminous resins, Laminated lightweight blocks with engineered stone, Manufacturing of gravel stones in different production methods,Transparent stones and ..Sink | Granite marble sink is similar to CureenAll the maps of the machines and equipment required, the layout and production of engineered stone products is provided by the HUANM Company

Services supply of raw materials and support of the applicant tech ... by HUNAM company is for unlimited timeAntique and Artificial Decoration Artificial Engineering Engineering / Training FormulaAmong these products (engineered artificial stones) one can mention the following:

Production of marble and granite artificial polymer for installation in the facade and interior flooring in various colorsCoriander Two Corps Anti-Acid Slippers Corin production linepolymeric marble-granite artificial stone production line and anti-acid cultured marble-granite & solid surface

the production of dish-washing sink and toilet sink in the form of marble & granite and special colors

the production of counter-tops stones with different dimensions and different designs

production of anti-acid and anti-bacterial kitchen cabinets with the ability to cut and drilling similar to MDF and also with sub-polishing capabilitieswith shaky polisher and ...Cabin Stone with Sink Corin | Sink production line Corinne | Sink production line Training on sink productionProduction of walls, panels and antique and decorative partitions for decoration of interior and office buildings

Flooring production, illuminated tiles and all kinds of SMD smart and non-smart for various uses of Side walk, the courtyard and building facades, production of luminescent products, plate and luminescent sinkStone fireplace cabin | Corvin Fireflies Page The Formula of Creation Artificial Stone Corinne FireworksProduction of counter-tops and the decorative and luminous cabinet

Manufacturing of engineered artificial stone molds, Training on making sink molds, Console, template pages, Washbasin mold and ...Sink mold training | Curry template training Fiberglass | Cabin Crusher Molding

Curriculum Production Formula Training Sink Corin molding training


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