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Pardazeshgaran hunam caspian(private equity) register number 5641 and national id 14005273713 Topic of activity: providing services in the field of buying and selling industrial machinery, buying and selling minerals, providing services  in the field of research and development of building products and concrete and building additives, buying and selling polymer and nano materials, production of artificial stone types, artificial stone production line investment consulting and building technology,  production and sales of building products from mineral and polymer materials, technology research and development building , export and importAbout Hunam Artificial Stone / Artificial Stone / Description About Artificial Stone and Rock Line Message from Managing Director of Pardazeshgaran Hunam Caspian

Sales, are not the end of a deal, It is also the beginning of an obligation for more services; And those who fulfill their moral obligations and Serving customers do not adhere, They will never succeed.

Years passed, Despite the limitations And the challenges facing the artificial stone industry, With effort, Individual initiatives in obtaining formulations And special techniques, Design of machines and equipment, We have been able to overcome most of these problems And have a good performance.

So we set up the Hunam artificial stone company So that their experiences in different technologies, And offering a variety of artificial stone cement plast production lines, Tile adhesive production line building Artificial stone production line of solid surface & cultured marble, engineered stone , quarts artificial stone, Production of concrete admixtures and additives Building, Transfer of technology of artificial stone production line like solid surface & cultured marble, Soy protein production line, equipment and machinery produce of concrete & mosaics, Equipment for the production of cement blocks and lightweight blocks, Artificial stone flooring integrated, Mineral Quality Supplies, Polymer and chemical and nano, Artificial Stone Mold, High quality and lowest price, Deliver to our customers

Thank you
CEO Hunam Artificial Stone
E.n.g Bagheri


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