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In the production of dough tile adhesive and powder tile adhesive, if you intend to use the system Packing buckets for dough adhesive (Packing from above) and the high-fill powdered adhesive packing system, in packaging automation systems, we can use the common mixer and the common screw system for packaging. in everyday firstly, powdered adhesives are manufactured and packaged and then, after washing, we are producing dough tile adhesive and packaging.

Therefore, if the investor's policy (the owners of the production line) is to use the Side filling system for the production of powdered adhesives, however, it is not possible to use a packaging system for the production of all types of dough and powder (grout) adhesives. in this case, we need to have two separate packaging fill the bags of powdered adhesive (screw packing or use air), and screw system U or ... to fill the buckets of dough adhesive.

the reason: Failure to rinse the next to the filling system and its nature.Factories produce two valves tile adhesive | Two-valve mixer producing dough tile adhesive and powder tile adhesiveSo you can in the multi-function mixer designed by PAN(Increase the cost for adding secondary outlet valve), made the mixer with two valves. this means that the mixer to produce both types of tile adhesives is common, but after making, by any valve, materials is placed inside the own packing system and packing them up.

Reminder:Mixers and equipment for the production of artificial stones NANO facade and polymeric mosaic (all lines or mixers) will be able to produce building adhesives in addition to the production of various types of artificial stone. also, in automatic and automation artificial stone production lines, if the packaging of powdered adhesives is filling from up, this system can be used for molding or packaging of adhesives in the form of common.but as with the above, if the system chosen for powdered adhesives is filling the hinged system, but it can be added by adding an additional valve in the mixer and manufacturing filling side packing system, you can prevent cost increases.

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