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Formula training and manufacturing technology Tile adhesive building:

Due to the alignment of production of artificial construction stones and materials needed for installing (building adhesives) as well as having the required production equipment, HUNAM company has been offering a complete formulation of construction adhesives along with an artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer production line.

It is also possible to provide the technology and production line for building adhesives according to the applicant's investment in technology as well as guidance on how to design the packaging of this industry, and providing the necessary raw materials, and providing support services for an unlimited period

The duration of the provide technology of building adhesives for 2 days is theoretically

Among the products that will be included in the category of construction adhesives, the following can be mentioned

Types of Tile Adhesives Ready (Natural and Artificial Stone) in the form of pasty with a variety of formulation

This type of product for the installation of natural and artificial antique stones,Ceramic and tile and ... on smooth surfaces of gypsum and brick and cement and also install a new tile on the old tile, Local repair tile and ceramic floor and walls of the building, and installing the product on prefabricated walls and ...Except where the wall is directly connected with moisture is used. This product is available in packages of 5, 12, 16 and 20 kilosPaste paste / dye tile adhesive / waterproof tile adhesive / natural paste paste / adhesive paste paste artificial stone

Tile adhesive for mounting Antique / Adhesive paste Ceramic tile / Special tile adhesive

Types of powdered tile adhesives and natural and synthetic stones in two main types and in various formations.

This product is for installing of natural and artificial antique stones, building stones, ceramic tiles on the floor and walls and ... on brick walls, cement walls, prefabricated walls and exposed moisture walls, used inside and outside the building. the adhesive with the addition of water, equivalent to 20 percent of their weight, become pasty state and is ready to use. powdered tile adhesive is the best option for cement and brick walls exposed to direct moisture and rain.Powdered Tile Adhesive / Natural Powdered Adhesive / Powdered Adhesive Brick Powder / Powdered Adhesive / Powdered Adhesive Ceramic Tile and Natural StonePowder tile adhesive / powder adhesive

  Types of special powder tile adhesive and Glue pool

This product is suitable for installation of natural and artificial stones, for all levels that are in direct contact with moisture, such as a swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi.

types of filler colorful powder (in 12 different colors) and anti-bacterial

The problems of installing natural and artificial antique stones can be called the lack of uniformity of the filler colorful of the product.Therefore, this product is for filler between distances natural & artificial antique stones in a variety of colors can be presented to customers.from other products, antibacterial filler powder that is suitable for the filler of sanitary services

Types of building grouts (ready-grout, epoxy-grout, expanding concrete)

This product is used to create the foundations of machines and buildings. one of the most important benefits of grout is that, since the expanding grout has a non-contractile property, it can be prepared for various uses, such as underneath the columns and metal skeletons, installation of machines rails, bridges, Bolts, rails, fenders and ... are used

Ready-to-use building grouts with high resistance

Ready-made building grouts, has fibers with very high resistance

Ready-to-use grout based on epoxy with highly resistant

Grout ready to use based on epoxy and fibers and polymer material with high resistance and adhesion

Concrete glue (also a variety of powder adhesives concrete supplement)

This material will be used with compounds emulsion, polymeric and artificial, NANO material and lubricants to complement powdered adhesives (also concrete glue).Including properties created by this material, can be cited as follows:

Adding high elastic properties to powdery and concrete adhesives and as a result, the material will be anti-shake and elastic.

Adding the property of temperature tolerance, expansion and contraction of concrete

Waterproofing of powdered and concrete adhesives, resulting in moisture insulation between the façade of the building and the inner wall

Increase the adhesion strength of powder and concrete adhesives to cement and brick walls

Increase the adhesion strength of concrete in terms of consumption


Formulation of a variety of primers

This material is used to prepare the work, due to the integrated level and control of moisture absorption of gypsum walls, reduced consumption of pasty adhesives and color, also according to the increased more adhesion strength, to install antique stones on gypsum walls, also used for painting and painting the building. you can also use this product to prevent the movement of alkaline salts on the wall surface and the dandruff of gypsum walls.

Formula for making dough for iron fitting

For planting and maintaining the rebar, it will be used vertically

Mastics of Travertine Stones and Stone Adhesive

this two-part product is based on polyester resins and is used to glue all the pieces of stone in industry, homes, building construction, facade and filling the cavities of stones, filling the pores of building stones and wet areas such as baths and swimming pools.

The unique feature of this product is the ability to lathing and sanding, also, consumers can mix the stone glue before use with the paint to get a glue with the color they need.

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