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With a production line (artificial stone production line façade stone & polymer mosaic), several technologies have been linked to diverse products

A decade has passed since the introduction of various artificial rocks in the Iranian market and despite the short shelf life of these products with a great variety in design and color,Have a very good position in the construction and urban industries

Among these technologies, artificial stone façade & mosaic, can be mentioned. after entering the Iranian market in 2007, it was produced by some people in very few capacities.By 2010, this product has not been able to gain a good place in the Iranian market.Until this year, with the effort and initiative, proper culture, effective promotion and the presentation of small and large production lines spread throughout the country.Also by creating the structure of polymer - NANO materials, Formulation and new techniques, the production of artificial stone facade & polymer mosaic, and thereby become artificial stone NANO facade & polymer mosaic,it has been successful in the artificial stone industry in accordance with various geographic conditions and the creation of diverse techniques.

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HUNAM Artificial Stone Company, take action providing training in diverse formulation of synthetic stones and in particular artificial stone façade & mosaic polymer, and presenting the unique techniques of these products, and with the slogan of honesty in providing services, it has been offering a variety of other technologies related to this technology that can be produced with the same line of production (Artificial stones production line of façade stone& mosaic polymer)Antique Stone | Brick facade | Antique Artificial Stone Artificial Stone of Nano Cement Plast | Artificial Stone Production Training Rock production lineDue to the design and use of special alloys in the manufacture of artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer machines and as well as the great mixing power of this equipment, Artificial stone production line of facade stone & mosaic polymer machinery, the ability to produce several technologies will be.

Including technologies and the services provided along with the artificial stone production line of facade stone & mosaic polymer to Applicants for artificial stone production line are offered, the following can be mentioned:Antique Bricks Facade / Artificial Stone / Artificial Stone Formula Training Cement Plast-Training Formula Artificial Stone Anti-Crystal Cement Plast-Training Formula Production Mosaic Nano Cement Plast-Artificial Stone TrainingFormulation of the production of various artificial stones for interior and exterior decoration and related techniques

Formulation of the production of all types of artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer with the ability to add various physical and chemical specifications to the relevant additives with normal density(2200 kg per cubic meter)

Training and transfer of formulations of various types of artificial stone facade & polymer mosaic resins with simple workshop tools

Training and transfer of formulas for the production of all kinds of semi-style artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer products with a mass volume of 1500 to 1700 kg per cubic meter

Manufacturing training and manufacturing formula for all kinds of light artificial stone facade & mosaic polymers with a mass volume of 1100 to 1200 kg per cubic meter

Training and Transfer Technology Formula for the production of high-style artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer products with a mass of less than 1000 kg (up to a minimum weight of 600 kg) per cubic meter

Price of antique stone | Sale of stone production line | Stone production training Antique Stone | Artificial Stone of Nano Cement Plast

Provide all formulas, Exclusive simulation techniques and techniques from natural building stones (Simulation and construction of marble and granite travertine artificial stone of facade & mosaic polymer)

Providing advice on investment and construction of machinery - Supplying equipment and main & secondary machinery and equipment needed for each technology.

Provide all necessary documentation for the transfer of technology and related machinery and along with the map of equipment and foundations needed

Precise monitoring of the process of making the device and parts and the implementation of the foundation, Launching the production line and installed in a technology-driven manufacturing workshop

Teaching techniques for making new products and different colors of artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer, Artificial Stone Engineering and Laminating Method Artificial Stone facade & mosaic polymerArtificial Stone Nano / Antique Stone / Stone Decorative 4 Piece Cement Plast-Training Formula Production Artificial Stone Nano Cement Plast-Tutorial Formula Antique Mosaic Nano Cement PlastProvides Formula for Several Applied Products of Constructional Adhesives Technology Related to Artificial Stones and Building Industry to Artificial Stone Applicants

Provides a formulation of several products from the additive technology and building chemistry related to the building industry and artificial stone to the applicant

Provide several products (which do not require a new product line and a new production line) from artificial stone Engineering to applicant for an artificial stone contract.

Provide relevant links to purchase the raw materials required for each of the products and technologies provided to the applicant

Provide for the formulation of colors for laminated Artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer (Due to the lack of these colors on the market and if they are available, they are not of acceptable quality) and ...Antique Stone - Antique Artificial Stone Nano Cement Plast - Artificial Stone Production Line - Artificial Stone SellAntique Stone | Anti-Artificial Stone Production Method Raw material for the production of artificial anticorrosionSpecialty equipment and machinery for the artificial stone production line and production line of artificial stone NANO facade & mosaic polymer | The types of production lines of artificial stone NANO facade & mosaic polymer are manually non-upgrade,Production line of up-gradable artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer, Artificial stone production line in the form of automation,Semi-automatic - automatic and full automatic production line of artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer, Providing polymer and NANO materials to controlling the process of produce artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer,Additive resin and concrete lubricants and resin specialized of artificial stone NANO facade & mosaic polymer, Construction resin and produce building adhesive and tile adhesive and ceramic and concrete glueStone | Line of stone production | Artificial granite marble cement plastArtificial Stone Plast Cement | Urban Bench Artificial Stone of Plast Cement


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