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Molds for the production of artificial stone engineering, to produce a sink, stone cabinets | what is a marble-granite counter-tops stone similar to coreen?

Molds for the production of artificial stone, objects that are used for forming a product and according to the production method and the specifications of the product are different.

what are the materials of the sink and cabinet molds?

Depending on the product type and the specifications of the final product, different types can be used to produce artificial stone engineering, below are some of the genders:

Wood mold

Wood mold, coated with engineering stone

Steel mold

Glass mold with high thickness

ABS Mold (Acrylic butadiene styrene) reinforced

Fiberglass mold

Silicone and polyurethane mold

Soft PVC mold, reinforced

Ardalati's mold

Mold with engineering stoneSink mold | Wine sink mold | Fiberglass mold | Build template salesThe above mentioned materials are used in specific places and according to the form of product and final product formulation.

Wood mold to produce artificial stone engineering:They are used to produce engineering stone products that do not have a high temperature heating process, such as antique partitions

Glass mold for the production of artificial engineering stone: Glass molds are used for the production of various types artificial engineering stone plates. but in using these templates there will be a constraint on dimensions.

Wood mold covered with engineered stone, for the production of artificial engineered stone similar to coreen: Wood mold covered with engineered stone, for the production of artificial engineered stone similar to coreen, for the production of mold, for plates, is used. the advantages of this molds include non-limitation in length and width, as well as the appropriate price. even with using this mold, you can produce a product over 10 meters.Stone artificial stone | Coriin template | Mold manufacturing sink | Wine sink moldSelling sink mold | Making sink mold | Fiberglass molding | Sink training templateSteel mold in the production of artificial engineered stone similar to coreen: You can use this mold, to produce products with smooth surfaces or with tools. its high price is one of the disadvantages of this mold.

ABS Mold, reinforced to produce artificial stone Engineering: From ABS molds, it can't be used in the production of artificial engineering stone products similar to coreen, because there is a thermal process in the production of artificial stone engineering products and ABS molds, in the production of this product, are cause twist and tolerance of dimensions. however, the production of some products can be used in ABS molds with reinforcement and heat resistance.

Fiberglass mold, for the production of artificial engineering stone similar to coreen: To produce artificial engineering stone products, you can use this material (fiberglass) by making certain changes. in a variety of single sided sinks, washbasin sinks and dish washing sinks, countertops and the stone cabinet has a cornice, this gender can be used.

Silicone mold, Polyurethane mold, Soft reinforced PVC mold: From silicone and polyurethane molds, it can be used to produce small pieces, such as a dish washing sink and a toilet sink (rest room). in particular, in designs that have many negative and positive angles, such as consoles embossing, mirror manufacturing with artificial engineering stone, photo frame and... this material can be used. the advantages of using silicone and polyurethane molds can be, easily produce molds, ease of stone production, number of times more production in work shift, easier product separation from the mold, speed of work, and more, cited. also, the great disadvantages of these templates can be pointed to their expensive price. but if you calculate its benefits, in many products, the use of soft molds will have a good economic benefit.

Normally, soft PVC molds can't be used in the production of artificial engineering stone molds similar to coreen. but if using special stabilizers to produce PVC mold, this material can be used to artificial engineering stone molding. the great advantages of this mold (PVC mold) can be mentioned at a much lower price than silicone and polyurethane molds, as well as the ability to recycle it.

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