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The purpose of the presentation of the production formula and manufacture of concrete additives and building chemistry, creating an Active Chain in the field of Building Industry Optimization and create a competitive market in the provision of services related to the chemistry building.

Unfortunately, more than 80% of building structures are still under construction in the traditional way and contractors and most engineers in these structures have not benefited from additive products and building chemistry.Therefore, for ease of construction work and the creation of diverse properties and optimization of minerals used in the building industry and to improve the quality and life of the building, it's better not to miss the science of polymer.Formulation of concrete production lineIncluding products in the category of additives and building chemistry will be placed as follows

All products that are part construction adhesives (Under Construction adhesives mentioned them)

Types of adhesives and concrete supplements to create various properties in the foundation of building structuresConcrete production line / adhesive production lineA variety of multi-component and two-component waterproof

Types of facade resin protector, resins with ability anti UV, Luminescent resins exterior and interior building

Types of ready grout, epoxy grout, concrete expanding grout

Types of special resins for artificial stone and NANO facade stone & mosaic polymer

Polymer materials for controlling the process of artificial stone

Micro Silica GelArtificial Stone Resin Cement Pluton Hunam Processing Co.Concrete curling material and curling artificial stone facade & mosaic polymer

Fast dry material and fast harden concrete for waterproof of concrete pipes and elevator hole floor

Various types (6 items) of formulation of concrete additives and lubricants of concrete - fast dry and late dryConcrete / concrete shutter and shutterWaterproof and Shotcrete (sprinkle concrete)

Waterproof of Concrete Liquid

Industrial and rubber oil template

Antifreeze concrete without chloride ion


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