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HUNAM company machine manufacturing (BAGHERI machine manufacturing) proceed to offering soybean production line with teaching methods of production and introduces the purchase of raw materials. soybean protein is a food product whose protein has an alternative to animal protein. among other uses of soybeans, you can: bakery and biscuits, types of sausages, And protein industries.

This production line is capability of producing soy protein, with a production capacity of 500 kg per hour.

Among the machines used in this line of production, we can mention extruders with a capacity of 500 kg / h, Similar to the SPROUT WALDRON machine

Points:Soybean production line with a production capacity of 500 kg per hour,in 24 hours, production can produce 12 tons of dry edible soybeans. also because the equipment and preliminary machinery of this production line have a high capacity, you can use two production lines along with an introductory line. as a result, it will cost less than two distinct production lines.Soybean plant protein production lineThe soybean production line with a capacity of 500 kg per hour includes the following machinery and equipment:

1.Raw material input conveyor
2.Raw material sieve system
3.Grinding system to produce soy protein
4.Communicational conveyor
5.Elevator or conveyor transfer from the mill to the storage of raw materials
6.Tank capacity of 2 tons for grinding material
7.Elevator or conveyor communicational tank to feed conveyor extruder
8.Elevator or conveyor feed extruder soybean production
9.Extruder (boiling pot) with internal steel for produce soybean
10.Steel cutting blade stainless outlet for produce edible soybeans
11.Extruder communication conveyor to stainless steel dryer and material food bar
12.Dryer (strip or vibration) Soybean production
13.Dryer conveyor for communication
14.Soy production sieve
15.Elevator or conveyor to a storage tank
16.Storage tank made of steel
17.Dry soybean filling bag machine
18.Soybean packing machine 20 to 50 kgExtruder of soybean plant protein production line with capacity of 500 kg per hourDryer Soybean Protein / Dry Soybean Production LineArtificial stones - Line production line - Production line - Soybean machines - Soybean production line - Soybean protein production line - Full line soybean machineSoybean production line - Soybean plant protein production line with production trainingArtificial stone production line - Stone machining - Production line of erythroid - Soybean production line - Soybean plant protein production line with setting up and trainingSoybean - Soybean Production Line - Soybeans - Soybean Protein - Launch Soybean Production LineSoybean and stone production line Bagheri Machine: production of various production lines and soybeans with capacity of 500 kg / hSoybean - Soybean Machine - Sevice Machines and Equipments ProductionSoybean - Soybean production line - Soybean machines - Soybean equipmentSoybean-Soybean-Selling Soybean Production Line - Soybean Machinery MachinesSoybean - Soybean production line - Soybean protein production line - Sevilla crusher - Soybean oil - Soybean productionEquipment for production of soybeans / Production and sale of soybeansSelling soybean production line - dry soybean production machinesHunam / Bagheri Machine: Production and production of soybean plant protein product line with installation and training of production methods with capacity of 500 and 1000 kg / h

Explanation: Boiler, electrical panel and cabling, fuel tank and water tank, water and steam plumbing or special packaging,in the soybean production line, the buyer is responsible.

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