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Weight gain of the structure, due to the use of concrete and cement slurry, in flooring products or wall cover and create a thick layer when installing

Failure to observe the standard ratio in concrete and non-weighing materials and by that, the weaker drying of products to the wall or floor and product separation, if inappropriate installation

Inability to install products such as granite and marble due to low water absorption and... and replacing these high quality products with poor quality products such as travertine stones

Concrete aggregate problems over time and the difference in the coefficient of expansion and contraction of the concrete used with the installed products and after a while, the product is detached from the wall or the floor

The inability to install various products, by concrete and slurry and on surfaces such as plaster, tile and old ceramic

Failure to repair damaged products due to the formation of thick layers

In slurry and installation with slurry, creating a poor adhesive binder (concrete), due to the use of high amounts of water during construction, as well as the use of cement powder for priming and...

Inability to suitable balance, as well as product separation on wall covers, because of the slurry pressure behind the product due to the high thickness of concrete used

High water absorption in installation with ordinary concrete, for facades or flooring outside the building and the influence of moisture on the inner wall in the facades and product separation on flooring and...

And many more...Adhesive Tile Adhesive - Powdered Adhesive Tile - Antique Adhesive Tile AdhesiveBut in the installation with construction adhesives, the above problems and many other problems that are not mentioned can be covered. In the country, there are many manufacturers of adhesives for construction. therefore, many of these companies, because of unreasonable competition, and lower prices, for the purchase of brokers, ignore many of the polymer and mineral materials, which are required in adhesives. Adhesive-Adhesive Stone Anti-Adhesive Adhesive Tile-Tile-Adhesive Ceramic Tile-Adhesive Powder-Exterior AdhesiveThese companies also use low quality minerals and polymer to produce lower-cost products, which is in the interests of brokers, and it will not benefit for producers and consumers. therefore, HUNAM Artificial Stone Group has been offering a variety of high quality Megafix construction adhesives, which we will introduce some of them below.Adhesive Tile-Adhesive-Powder-Adhesive Tile-Powder-Adhesive Anti-Powder-Powder-Adhesive Waterproof Powder-Adhesive PitcherPowder tile adhesive:this product can be used to install bricks, antique stones, artificial stones, Installation of tile and flooring ceramic, in areas where permanent moisture is in contact (or not) with the exception of gypsum walls or with ceramic and tile surfaces (if you use concrete glue, you can also use it for these places), can be used

Megafix powder tile adhesive is available in 20kg package.

The Megafix powder tile adhesive is available in five modes:

Tile adhesive with gray color, gray tile adhesive with fibers, white powder tile adhesive, as well as powdery tile adhesive with white fibers, powder tile adhesive of poolMega powder adhesive Adhesive-Adhesive Tile-Adhesive Tile powder MegaFix Turkey-Adhesive Antique Powder-Dealers-Adhesive-Sale AdhesiveAdhesive Anti-Powder MegaFix-Adhesive-Adhesive Powder-Tile-Adhesive Tile-Powder-Adhesive MegaFix Turkey-Buy Tile Glue-Dealers AdhesiveDough Tile Adhesive:

Tile adhesive for installation of antique stones, natural stones, facade bricks, ceramic and floor tiles and walls, local remedy, install antique or ceramic tile on surfaces such as ceramic and tile or old stone... and, in general, places that are not in contact with constant humidity can be consumed.

Megafix Dough Tile Adhesive is available in packages of 12 and 15 kg.Adhesive Adhesive Tile and Antique Adhesive-Adhesive Tile-Adhesive Tile-Tile-Adhesive Tile-Dyestuff-Adhesive Concrete-Buy-Dyestuff-Adhesive-Adhesive Adhesive-Adhesive Antique StonesAdhesive Adhesive Tile and Antique-Adhesive-Adhesive Concrete-Adhesive Stone-Adhesive Natural Stone-Sale Adhesive-Dealers AdhesiveConcrete Adhesive-Adhesive Concrete-Adhesive-Tile Adhesive-Emulsion-Adhesive-Sale-Concrete Adhesive-Concrete Adhesive Concrete MegaFix TurkeyConcrete adhesive:

Megafix concrete adhesive is used to create various properties such as high adhesion, decrease in water absorption, creating higher elasticity and bending resistance and ... in concrete and also in powdered adhesives, can be used

Megafix concrete adhesives can be supplied in packages of 20 kg and 12 kg.Concrete Adhesive MegaFix Turkey - Buy Concrete Adhesives-Adhesive-Adhesive Building-Concrete-Adhesive-Concrete Pastes-Sale Concrete Adhesivemegafix shiny resin: to protect against acid rain and sunlight as well as shine and creating a better color effect in natural stones, artificial stones, facade bricks, antique stones and travertine stones are used.

Megafix protective resin, is available in one-liter packaging.

Nano Megafix facade protector: This Nano material is used to reduce the absorption of natural stone and travertine and artificial stone, as well as to reduce water absorption of bonding lines.Tile adhesive and concrete glue - Tile adhesive and tile adhesive powder - Buy adhesivePowder Tile Adhesive - Natural Powdered Adhesive - Powdered Adhesive Artificial Powder - Tile Adhesive - AdhesiveAdhesive paste Anti-stick adhesive Pastes Ceramic tile - Artificial stone glue - Natural stone glueBuy Tile adhesive-Tile adhesive 20kg-Tile adhesive MegaFix Turkey-Tile adhesive Tile-mounting adhesive

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