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according to the cases in the field of non-standard manual production line is mentioned, it should be noted some cases about automation - semi-automatic production line of other companies providing production line, to be mentioned:

Non-standard semi-automatic line, first type(Provided by other companies):

Elevator | structure loaded aggregate: Given that These production lines are offered at low prices and technical specifications, practically to this section, elevator of loaded mineral materials, Certain errors will not be imported, except that you should try to use a 3-horsepower motor and a hollow shaft gearbox in this section.Also from the rail system with two iron rails of at least 8 and towing wire 8-10 for more reliability, to be used

Mixer used in Non-standard semi-automatic production line: as in the non-standard manual production line is mentioned, this mixer (concrete mixer) does not have the characteristics and technical characteristics and the power to make artificial stone, and in no way can the concrete mixer be used in this section (Construction of artificial stone material), *(In the non-standard manual production line, full description of these mixers is provided), also in the molding section, Some problems with concrete mixers are mentioned.

Artificial Stone Horizontal Vibrating Table: in this production line, the 200*100 vibration table has been used but due to the use of a motor, its angle is only horizontal and it will be completely in harmonic. also, if you use a vibrating motor 300 kg and a 6 mm plate at the level of the vibrating table, make sure all chassis are 14 And the use of a smaller iron Girder or bending of the sheet in U will be completely non-standard and very quickly this vibration table will break the chassis.

*** Please take our advice seriously. ***Non-standard artificial stone production line - Line MosaicNon-standard artificial stone production line Non-standard artificial semi-automatic production linemolding system in the non-standard semi-automatic production line artificial stone, first type: purpose of mold injection system in this production line, a sheet of shooting or a slide under the mixer.

Please note that the main material of cement base will be very thick and because of the very slow motion,it will not be easy to slip or shooting, this section only has a 1 shooting so don't have a hopper saver, as a result, the material will remain in the mixer as long as the molding does not finish, the next batch production can't be achieved.

The important thing is that artificial stone materials can't be added after mixing, on the other hand, the exit gate under the concrete mixers is 8 and 7 and these gates are very small, so, given that the material is gradually removed from the mixer slowly the molding is done, at first, products are separated from solids and liquids and in the end, the products will be aggregate, also to avoid over dosage of materials in concrete mixers, and coming down from the hopper, moisture increases making materials and this excess moisture will reduce the quality of the produced product, even less concrete.

On the other hand, this excess moisture when making materials, on the other hand, incorrect blows of vibration (horizontal blows and low power) cause detachment of pigments (seed colors) from the tissue material and their accumulation behind the product, which not only changes the color of products even in a production batch, it will also cause non-adhesion of materials during installation to the product. such companies, instead of solving the problem (changing formulation and device),they do Action to remove the issue and this means failureNon-standard semi-automatic production line of artificial stone of other companiesArtificial Stone Cement Plast Non-standard semi-automatic stone production lineNon-standard artificial stone production line Semi-automatic semi-automatic synthetic stones production line Colorful mosaic production lineSemi-manual artificial stone production line | Semi-automatic other companies - Non-standard production line second type: Second type production line, it will be tolerated in many parts apart from the molding system intended for this production line,And the problems created for people who received this line from other companies it is mentioned.

first of all, we must remind you it, please check the names of sellers and dealers on the production lines or do not buy a name, also the technical specifications of the devices,sheets and consumable ironwork, consumable motors, gearboxes and… pay attention. also, the point that has been seen so much is that, some dealers or non-specialists during the contract, provide technical specifications that are in no way with the machines and supplies received do not match. so before you get the machine, match the technical specifications of the machine with the items in the contract, or through judicial authorities than failure to comply Specifications and get the difference between the price of the technical specifications listed and delivered.

But about this production line | non-standard production line semi-manual and semi-automatic, second type, In the hopper section, the injection of the mold will be non-standard

Reason:Direct output of material from the hopper in the form of a four-blade, if this mode is used to exhaust the material, because of rotating blade in the 40 cm diameter hopper section and material pressure, material control will be very difficult and the material will be evacuated to 20 kg, it has been seen that to correct this section, the company has a secondary turning blade, at the end of the output, Hopper has installed to have a better control over material exits,that this makes several other problems.Some are referred to…Artificial stone artificial stone semi-automatic-To receive 6 kg of material, two minutes and thirty seconds were needed, this means sticking and drying the material inside the hopper, also due to the delay in the amount of material leaving, daily production is 10 square meters instead of 250 or 300 square meters.Artificial Stone Production Line Semi-Semitic Semiconductor Semi-automatic other companies - non-standard production line of the second type-Other problems, lack of access to the space between the first and second gates (no installation of the valves for maintenance in the hopper)hopper washing and cleaning is very difficult, and sticking and drying the material, it will cut the hopper and will cost a lot of maintenance.

other problem of cutting hopper shafts due to the pressure of the upper gate on the lower gate, as a result, maintenance costs such as non-standard hopper, hopper price will be higher than in a Month.

Solution:instead of taking the output of the material in the 40 CM diameter hopper section (first mistake) and installing a second gate at the end of the mouth in a diameter of 15 CM (second mistake) without removing the first gate,should be under the hopper from screw system(Even very small) with inverter for speed control and the butterfly gates were used. but as standard, it is recommended to have a molding screw of 2.5 meters or more(According to the volume of the mixer) with butterfly gates, pedal and Pneumatic Jack, inverter to control the speed of movement and material transfer, be used for molding.Semi-automatic production line of artificial nano cement plast | Non-standard mosaic stone production lineSpecifications of non-standard semi-automatic production line type 1, other companies:

Loaded structure of aggregates by rail | Standard: loaded aggregate system and materials with custom envelopes with 3 mm reinforced sheet with automatic pop-up gate with a width of 60 cm and a length of 4 meters at a 60 degree angle, with towing cable 6, with two pulley of cast iron with a capacity of 250 kg with a 3-horsepower three-phase engine and hollow shaft gearbox

Concrete Mixer | 250 Kg Flooring Mixer | Non-standard for the production of artificial stone: mixer with the capacity to build 250 kg of concrete products with a 3 HP single-phase engine and gearbox 110, with Strap and Foley, the wall thickness of the mixer is 8 mm and the thickness of the plate sheet of the mixer is 10 mm, with gates 7 and 8, the diameter of the mixer is 110 cm and the height of the mixer body is 35 cm / gearbox gear down or up.

Horizontal vibrating table | Non-standard for the production of artificial stone:Vertical and vibration system of 1 × 2 meters, with a 300 kg engine, with 6 mm diameter aerodynamic surface sheet, 4 spring with 6*6 chassis and the central chassis of the girder 10.

Injection molding system | Non-standard for the production of artificial stone: the molding system is a shooting sheet under the mixer with a table and a 50 * 50 scale.

Central Control panel | Non-standard: controller table machine includes relevant keys.

Specifications of non-standard semi-automatic production line of the second type of other companies:

Raw material loading system | Standard:Loaded aggregate system and glue materials customized envelope with 3 mm reinforced sheet with automatic pop-up gate with a width of 60 cm and a length of 6 meters at an angle of 60 degrees with iron 8, with towing wire 6, with a cast iron pulley with bearings 206, with a capacity of 300 kg with a 3 HP three-phase transmission engine and hollow shaft gearbox.

Mixer for artificial stone and glue production | Standard for the production of artificial stone: motor 15 HP gearbox SAHAND, and special 25 mm centrifugal arms with the ability to adjust the arm, has a one part of material withdrawal, mixer gearbox from the bottom, machine with the capacity of 500 kg material of normal density and equivalent to 0.8 cubic meters, floor sheet 12 mm and 8 mm wall sheet with easy gate opening equipped with manual gearbox.

Artificial stone vibration machine | Standard for the production of artificial stone: Vertical Vibration System in dimensions 1 × 2 m, With two 550 kg Chinese engines, with 6 MM aerodynamic surface sheet and chassis 10, Special metallurgical springs and weight system table (One number) with a 50x50 cm scale with a Weighbridge of 50 kg.

Mold injection hopper | Absolutely non-standard for the production of artificial stone: Hopper injected material from under the mixer and load directly into the mold with engine, gearbox and rotary gate(This system is non-standard)

Central control panel | non-standard: central control panel of semi-automatic line – without inverterArtificial Stone Line | Non-standard semiautomatic production line Production of synthetic rocks of nano-cement plast


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