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Checking why people who use the non-standard production line of cement plast are using it, or those who don't use the original formula of artificial stone cement plast, can't produce facade products inside and outside the building, artificial stone or stair stone cement plast:

For the production of facade of the building with artificial stone cement plast technology, these products should be produced in the form of lightweight or ultra-lightweight, (Flooring and mosaics are produced with normal volume mass) therefore, the nature of the raw material and the formulation and method of production will change in general relative to the normal mass volume (mosaic and flooring).

Given that the moisture content of the cement plast technology is very low, super hydro mix, and also with regard to the use of raw materials that increase the concentration and viscosity of the mixture, we need a mixer machine to combine this mix. apart from the lack of science, if you use non-standard equipment (concrete mixer, block mixer and non-standard), you will not succeed in combining this material.

In this case, you need to increase the moisture content to make the mixing operation possible in the non-standard mixer, which, this also reduces the quality of the pigment and separates the material from the tissue, and as a result, color differences and, in addition, reduce the adhesion to construction materials, if the building materials are bonded to a loose layer, over time, the product is separated from the body of the building, and will cause damages. given the above reasons, some non-standard manufacturers take action to scoping or spraying aggregate on the back of the product, which is a temporary task and does not solve the problem.The standard production line of synthetic stones - Equipment for the production of synthetic stones of Plast CementDon't forget that non-specialists, or non-standard production lines, do not produced lightweight and ultra-lightweight products, and with normal volume mass, they producing facades, which this excess weight, increases adhesion or discoloration problems. also, if the vibration table is also non-standard, these problems are exacerbated.

In the case of artificial stair stone, a problem that causes the lack of production of this product by those who lack science and or has the non-standard production line and equipment, ineffective formulation (lack of knowledge of the original formulation), inability to prevent product twists, the low processing power and a color layer, low product gloss or opaque product, lack of adhesion to building materials and...

formula for the production of stone stairs, is different from the formula used in flooring and polymer mosaics; In the manufacture of artificial stone stairs, special nano-materials should be used to create some specifications (with other minerals and polymers), which these substances increase the concentration and the viscosity again of the mixture; which for before reasons (Lack of knowledge of the manufacturing formula or having non-standard equipment), the intended companies don't have the ability to produce high-quality artificial stone stairs, therefore, they are trying to delete the problem, or lack of produce this product, and prefer to produce only flooring and mosaics; it is also of low quality.

Their justification will be such that, at least their poor quality mosaics will be loose, and not like the facade, that if it is poor quality, will fall down and causing financial losses. in reply to these friends, we must say: it is true that at present, you offer low-quality flooring and mosaic products at a low price in the market, and you can stay in the market, but the main benefit is in the facade of the building and the stone stair. but if you don't correct the low-quality flooring (in terms of manufacturing formula and machines), you will soon be removed from the market (between 6 months and one year).

It is true that in the technology of artificial stone cement plast, which are standard, floors and polymer mosaics will be at least 100% profitable; but the main benefit is the production of building facades and stair stone and specialty products. so, according to the area of activity, artificial stone facade of nano cement plast and stair stone, at least three to five times more profit than flooring, can reach standard manufacturers, and the recommendation of the HUNAM artificial stone company, first of all, is the production of building facades and stone stairs (products with more value added), and after that, the production of flooring and polymer mosaics (or those who are contractors and flooring vendors).Selling the artificial stone production line with the training and launching of the stone workshopin different places of the site of the HUNAM artificial stone company, the non-standard and standard devices are reviewed, and there are a lot of explanations about them. so let's remind you that it's not just the production of a product; the important thing is the quality of the product produced in the first step, which requires the background of machinery, raw materials, polymer materials and nano scale materials, molds and many other materials. but if you launch non-standard equipment, even if the training is provided by the HUNAM artificial stone company, you can't at all achieve a high quality product, and if you want to get a high quality product, you must pay the machinery and... from the beginning.

The content on the site of HUNAM artificial stone company, to encourage investors to buy are not machines; but the goal is that, even if you do not make machinery from our company, and build the equipment, be careful that the equipment be standard, so that the damage does not come to you.

In the question of machinery search, just don't compare the price of the equipment or the name of the equipment of different companies, be sure to compare the technical specifications of each device. also don't look for sweet lies about side fees, each production line (depending on the type and capacity of production) has its own peripheral costs, so look for the launch of the product line according to your budget, facilities, policy, ...

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