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Non-upgradable artificial stone system (manufacturing of Facade artificial stones & Floor Tile, building adhesives and nano cementplast stone) with produce of 100-120, 130-150 & 150-180 square meters per shift, consists of the following systems

Vertical vibration machine with the area of 2 square meters (2*1 meter) with two electro-motors, including 18 month warranty and after-sales service and equipment supply for unlimited timeVibrating Table Antique Nano Cement Plast / Vibrating Table / Machine Manufacturing LineHonam Artificial Stone: Vibrating Table Artificial Stone Production Line of artificial stone vibrator tableartificial stone production line machinery artificial stone production line vibrating table  Pan design centrifugal mixer machine for nano cement plast and adhesives application with the capacity of 300-400 kg stones and 450-600 kg building adhesives, With different specifications, including 18 month warranty and after-sales service and equipment supply for unlimited periodArtificial stone mixer / Antique rock mixer / Mixer manufacturing mosaic stone stairsStone Mixer / Artificial Stone Amalgamator Nano Cement Pluton Honam Artificial Stone Co.Technology transfer and technical knowledge with training and the provision of specific formulations (for this package) including

Initial training: including a 3-day workshop of technology transfer at the office of Hunam Stone Compnay

Secondary training: secondary education for 2 days on that project site, practically

Providing technology of cement plast productions, including formulation of polymers and nano materials products regarding to the results of raw materials experiments; and understanding the standards and raw materials analysis by means of very simple equipment;

learning about additives for controlling polymer reactions based on different geographical conditions, tiles, floor and antique mosaic production formulations; utilizing the variety of available technology and various appropriate colors and also the ways of preparing them;
guidance for choosing the best colors according to the requirements and preferences of each geographic region, methods of creating laminate over artificial stone surface; simulation of natural stones (marble, granite and travertine);

production formulation of normal volume density (2200 kg per cubic meter), medium (1500-1700 kg per cubic meter) and ultra-light materials (500-1000 kg per cubic meter);

training the knowledge of specific products in this field; transferring work experiences and knowledge of production, related to the assigned products in contract, in order to prevent subsequent losses and errors due to the lack of experience of the new applicationsArtificial Line Production Line - Artificial Artificial Stone Production Line - Cement Plast - Machine Equipment - Artificial Stone Production Plant - Cement PlastTransferring the knowledge of local markets to applicants and providing the most important points in order to improve marketing potency;

appropriate consulting for selecting the best-selling molds according to the taste of the applicant (in every local area), in one theory session and two practical sessions at the workshop along with providing all required documents and formulation of production and also the official contract for launch and delivery of all raw materials for unlimited time

Training and knowledge of more than five different products in ceramic and artificial stone industries (and the technology of building adhesives) normal dough adhesives, powder adhesives in various types and in two main categories;

training the knowledge of building primers for plaster walls (used in stone installation process, building paintings and anti-scurf and water proof primers), powder adhesive additives, colorful joint powder, anti-bacterial joint powders;very low cost production technology of rough stone with positive and negative angles for interior designs (and cellulose and antique coatings), formulation of shiny and matte resin for waterproofing of natural and artificial stones in addition to luminescent, anti-oil and anti-UV resin formulations (with contract of supplying required raw materials for unlimited time and after sales servicePlast Cement Production Line with complete training and dedicated production formulaTraining and technology transfer of more than 6 applicable products and chemical building additives with various formulations - more descriptions in person

- Training and transferring the knowledge of new painting techniques and stone laminate flooring by means of different methods (special techniques) to be used in interior and exterior designs with very specific colors. In addition, regular and frequent training services for learning newer and better techniques in the futureArtificial stone mosaic-line artificial stone production line mosaic production line antique mosaic mosaic nano-cement plast-line manual production manual synthetic stonesBenefits of Non-automatic Non-upgradable production line

One the benefit of this type is the low cost of setting up the workshop with the lowest cost for manufacturing specific product at the location of building and construction projects
Plast Cement Production Line: Hanam Process Processors Co., Ltd. Provides Machines and Training the Formula of Cement PlastDisadvantages of Non-automatic Non-upgradable production line

Production of this system (manual type) is completely based on traditional ways (material load manually is done by operator) as a result;production capacity will be directly related to the personnel energy

Operators are responsible of materials construction and reaction detection, therefore the quality of products is directly related to the accuracy of operator; and in the condition of operating with required accuracy, high quality of products will be producedAdvantages and disadvantages of using the manual production line: mixer and vibration table of the Plast Cement production lineProduction capacity of these systems is very low; therefore they will not be suitable for large projects

Due to low capacity and small size of these devices compared to automatic devices, they cannot be upgraded to automatic types (these machines cannot be used in automatic production lines)

Lack of adequate attention to weather conditions, ambient temperature and related reactions of manufacturing products can lead to reduce the quality products or material deteriorationAnti-Artificial Stone Cement Plast-Line Production Machinery Artificial Stone Making Machine Anti-Nano Cement Plast

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