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production line

The definition of production: Production is in a process of (Process), is. The manner in all definitions of words can be seen. Precisely said conversion of production inputs to produce goods and services for consumption or investment is required. In other words, production refers to the flow of production factors (Factors), or inputs (Inputs), another goods products (Products), or outputs (Outputs), are converted. In a more general sense to any activity that causes the utility (Utility), now or in the future, said producer. The conversion inputs such as minerals, polymers, chemicals and capital products like antique stone, mosaic floors, stone staircase, table and ... they produce. 

Artificial stone production line buildingThe definition of product line: a set of equipment, we have become inputs (raw materials) into outputs, assist product line is called. 

Including artificial stone production line equipment provided by the company Hunam processors can be as follows: 

Machine-building and delivery of machinery and equipment production line of artificial stone 

Machinery and equipment artificial stone production line Antique Cement Plas 

Machinery and equipment artificial stone production line of nano-engineered glass 

Machinery and equipment for production of building adhesives, adhesive paste, powder tile adhesive, concrete adhesive, color jointing powder and anti-bacterial الحجر الاصطناعي: الحجر الاصطناعي بناء خط الانتاجMachinery and equipment production line Concrete Admixtures and additives for building chemicals 

Machinery and equipment production lines soy protein 

Sand production line equipment and transmission systems, sifting, crushing and ... 

Machinery and equipment production lines for food industry 

Machinery and equipment for production of concrete, concrete flooring vibrating conveyors, mixers, vibrating table 

Machinery and equipment production line concrete batching 

And ...


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