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cement plast

 what is cement plast artificial stone 

Cement Plast, a kind of artificial stone in nano-technology artificial stone cement Plast, using a variety of special polymer materials and nano compounds, molecular bonding minerals under polymerization reactions and physical strength between 2 and 3 times the deformation of concrete and stones the consumption of natural causes on the market. By minerals (filler and filler) ultimate strength of the product obtained by the nano polymer materials and natural stone and other characteristics such as water absorption is less than zero, resistance to cold and frost to fifty degrees below zero Celsius, thermal resistance up to 200 to 300 degrees, withstand 500 cycles of thermal insulating cement stone that causes the resistance to temperature fluctuations much better than natural stone and others. 

Including artificial stone cement Plast profile can be as follows: 

• The cost for manufacturers at very low cost and very high interest rates and much lower cost to consumers of artificial stone Nano Cement Plast compared to natural stones

Cooling very high (up to 50 degrees below zero) and possible use in cold regions and ice 

Heat to 300 ° C above zero tolerance -500 thermal cycles (thermal tolerances and stresses) and possible use in desert areas Training artificial stone production: production line of artificial stone building-Variety In design and color (color reproduction capabilities requested by the customer) as well as marble and granite manufacturing capability and simulation (in color) 

-Daray Mineral pigments (mineral colors) and color of resistance against direct sunlight and acid rain 

-Daray Very low water absorption (less than 3%) and with the ability to reduce the amount of water absorption 

-OEM Easier than natural stone due to the homogeneity of the cement grout and adhesive polymer 

Executive -Srt (installed) stone facade, because of varying sizes in more products and cutting less when run 

Lack of darkness and dust penetration inside the stone as well as the self- cleaning tissue when seasonal rainfall 

-Higher flexural and compressive natural stone (above the marble stones and some physical characteristics peers with granite) 

• Ability to build and design a variety of products and the lack of restrictions on the size of 2 m in dimensions of up to 3 meters (6 square meters) and has a thickness of 250 mm


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