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artificial stone

Artificial stone (in English: Artificial stone) of natural stones and minerals recombine with other additives such as cement and polymer additives obtained or that they have less weight and other specifications required and the result is faster installation

To understand what the rocks are made of foam cement can be said briefly that the composition of rocks from a special type of cement, natural stones and minerals and soil lightweight, made of polymeric materials and nanotechnology  

Materials used in the rocks all the quality of the environment and human considerations. Iron oxide pigments, mineral pigments, the color of the rocks are. A compound that is obtained in this way is cast in a role that has the markings of natural stone and rocks, an aspect that is quite normal. For price, synthetic stones are much less than natural stones دستگاه تولید سنگ مصنوعی | Artificial stone making machine | المعدات اللازمة لإنتاج الحجر الصناعيArtificial stone production technology of 1960 was born in Italy and in the first decade of the factory began production of artificial stone in the country. Since the creation of artificial stone idea that designers and architects to everything beautiful the inner and outer spaces, including spaces, buildings and exterior flooring and need to rocks with their desired factors were also felt in the construction industry progress and the need to express in different ways that rocks with different designs and physical and mechanical factors, high quality and reasonable price should be the maximum available. Thus, with world population growth and natural stones meet the different tastes of the human need and not taste. The new face of cosmetic compounds for the production of specific and consistent view without changing the color and design was employed. Although raw material for production of synthetic stones are made of natural stones components, but lets you specify the color and the design by adding pigments and apply different sexes in the rocks of Androids out there. Allows the use of different components, including metal, fossil seeds, pieces of artificial stone gems in the beautiful and unique because artificial stone is the projects. Also different levels for Artificial stones can be created. سنگ مصنوعی: فروش انواع خط تولید و تجهیزات سنگ مصنوعی | الحجارة الاصطناعية: بيع مجموعة متنوعة من خطوط ومعدات إنتاج الأحجار الإصطناعية | Artificial stones: Selling a variety of artificial stone production lines and equipmentSome of the general features of artificial stones: 

1. The variety of colors with different designs and custom scripting 

2. lighter than natural stones and a specific gravity of less than 1100 to 1300 kilograms per cubic meter and that this leads to less weight and thus reduce the impact of the earthquake on the building's construction. 

3. The ability to absorb less water than traditional natural stone market and zero 

4. The lack of restrictions on the production aspects such as the installation of natural stone 

5. endurance (tension and compression) higher than natural stones 

6.  built. This means that, unlike natural stones on atmospheric effects and lack of stickiness over time can not be separated from the main building, the familiar disadvantages of natural stone, the gradual removal of body building. 

7. High resistance to atmospheric agents, sunlight, acid rain 

8. strength and high cohesion 

9. The high variability 

10. Install easily and painlessly 

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