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To produce many products and technologies requires a mixer in accordance with the specifications required by the industry, which will be called the mixer.

Mixer types of artificial stone HUNAM produced by the machine are as follows:

Laboratory mixers Installation of concrete and artificial stone cement Plast laboratory with a capacity of 100 kgArtificial stone mixers: Sell Mixers for the production of artificial stone| خلاطات الحجر الاصطناعي: بيع جميع انواع خلاطات لإنتاج الحجر الصناعيMixers production and manufacture of artificial stone cement Plast with different specifications production capacity and manufacturing capabilities 250, 300, 400 and 450 kgخلاطات الحجر الاصطناعي: بيع جميع انواع خلاطات لإنتاج الحجر الصناعي | Mixers artificial stone: selling all kinds of mixers for the production of artificial stonePenn's plan mixers for the production of artificial stone and concrete form work cement consumption is

Ribbon mixers for the production of adhesive powder and paste tile adhesives ...

All kinds of artificial stone, engineered nano-glass manufacturing mixers with capacities from 100 kg to 500 kg with various technical

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