Artificial Stone of Nano Cement Plast | Machinery - equipment Mosaic & Facade artificial stone production line of nano-cement Plast | Artificial Stone Manufacturing Line Similar to Corinne - Solid Surface & Cultured Marble | Building Tile Adhesive Produce Line | Formula Of Diffrent Technology Of Building

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Tile adhesive | Concrete adhesive | Building Adhesives

Construction adhesives technology includes a variety of pasty tile adhesives - Adhesive formulation a variety of natural and artificial stone, tile adhesives powder - Ceramic - natural and synthetic stones Antique with different formulations, pool powder tile adhesive, grout building and two minor ternary, concrete adhesive, glue stone, color and anti-bacterial powder grouting, grouting white powder, primers and additives and more.  

Artificial Stone hunam, a provider of construction adhesives production line with production and formulation transfer is launched.

Manual and automatic production line adhesive in accordance with the applicant's capital of technology.

With production line of construction adhesives, services, logo design, packaging design and manufacture of special adhesive products and offer sales policy, and is also accepted.

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